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    The Metalbone Team 2023 is a very durable and top-performance Adidas padel racket that adds the latest technologies. It presents a unique design and with it, you can hit the ball with effect.

    The innovative Adidas Metalbone Team padel racket lands in Padel Nuestro

    The Metalbone Team padel racket of the Adidas brand, is intended for those players of an advanced level or professional that they practice on a regular basis, either in training sessions, competitions or in friendly matches. The Metalbone Team padel racket will accompany you on any stage and will make you give your best shots .

    You will be relentless on the track

    If you are looking for surprising your opponent, the Spin padel racket technology in the octagonal shape it will make you hit with more effect and your opponent will be unable to react. In addition, with this magnificent padel racket, your hitting will be more effective and you will hit the ball with higher comfort, due to the combination of its fiberglass surface with the EVA rubber Soft Performance.

    And, if you also want extra power in your attack shots, the Metalbone Team padel racket for men is amazing for you because It adds Octagonal Structure technology, which includes octagonal tubes located around the frame.

    A padel racket that adds the latest technology

    This diamond-shaped oversize padel racket has the sweet spot in its upper part, with which you will ensure that your auctions are unstoppable and that the point is assured. Its weight of 360-375gr will make it easier to handle and you will feel light in your hand.

    Due to the Structural Reinforcement technology, we find that the carbon fiber makes up the entire structure of the racket, which that will facilitate greater durability and resistance. Thanks to this technology, the racket will be completely protected, even in high-torque hits. Also, take the 3M Metalbone protector, which will ensure that your racket is completely protected at any time during the game.

    Its design presents a color base in black, which is actively combined with details in red and white, which gives the padel racket a unprecedented elegance.

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