As everyone knows, the ADIDA'S brand has a lot of prestige and its products are reciognized for having great eficiency and quality besides the dazzling designs that all of us know. The padel collection that they created and we bring for you is not and exception with their variation of balanced, powerful or controlled padel rackets.

Adidas padel rackets with great discounts and outstanding designs. Find at our online padel store, the best offers on padel rackets by the brand ADIDAS with incredible prices. Discover the new and prettiest ADIDAS models of this year. Get surprised with the ADIDAS padel rackets aesthetics, since this company of sports materials has come with a very interesting collection for every type of players.



ADIDAS always brings up the best quality and design in their padel equipment. The 2022 collection came full of surprises and peerless aesthetic. The variety of designs, quality and practicity of this equipment are going to improve you performance in notoriously ways.

  • ADIDAS METALBONE CTRL 3.1 2022, A FEELING OF COMFORT IN EVERY HIT This padel racket that ADIDAS bri ...
    £181.95 £330.56
  • ADIDAS METALBONE HRD 2022, MAXIMUM POWER Turn heads with the power of your strokes with the new ADI ...
    £194.81 £330.56
  • ADIDAS METALBONE WOMAN LITE 2022, CONTROL AND HIGHER PERFORMANCE You can not stay without the incre ...
    £173.98 £191.38
  • ADIDAS ESSEX ATTK BLACK GOLD 2021, GREAT POWER IN YOUR GAME Speed up your game with much more power ...
    £147.84 £260.97
    £128.41 £208.78
  • ADIDAS VORTOM SOFT RED, COLLECTION 2021 Meet now the ADIDAD Vortom Soft Red padel racket is a round ...
    £107.87 £269.67


  • Turned in the strongest rival with the Adipower CTRL Team, a padel racket that will give you total control in each hit. Now available in Padel Nuestro.
  • The innovative Adidas Adipower Team 2023 is here! If you are an advanced-level player and want to continue perfecting your technique, this is your padel racket.
  • adidas Essnova carbon 3 - Take to the track and catch the eye with this adidas blade composed of quality materials and technologies.
    £182.64PVP £200.07
    9 %
  • ADIDAS Metalbone Woman Lite 2022 - It incorporates OCTAGONAL STRUCTURE technology, which provides more rigidity to the structure of the padel racket thanks to the octagonal shape of the tubular that runs through the frame.
  • A lightweight padel racket, now available in our online store. Adidas Adipower W Team 2023 for women padel athletes at an advanced level.
  • ADIDAS Pro Carbon Ctrl gold - Get now this control padel racket from the new adidas 2020 collection, an exclusive design ideal for high-level players. Great control and precision.
    £156.54PVP £260.97
    40 %
  • Enhance your technique with the new Adidas RX Carbon, a great padel racket for intermediate players with which you will become a PRO before a set ends.
  • ADIDAS Metalbone -ADIDAS Metalbone - This adidas paddle is recommended to advanced level professional players looking for a high-end paddle.
    £155.71PVP £313.16
    50 %
  • adidas Adipower Ctrl Lite - Jump on the court and stand out with this adidas padel racket with a modern and daring design to play padel
    £104.34PVP £169.63
    38 %
  • ADIDAS Essex ATTK Black Gold 2021 - An innovative way to raise your level in the game is with this padel racket that gives you a new superior power.
  • ADIDAS Adipower Woman Lite - This adidas padel racket is ideal for women looking for a comfortable padel racket to play with.
    £113.04PVP £160.93
    30 %
  • ADIDAS Metalbone Greenpadel 2022 - It is built with FLAX FIBER, a natural fiber made from flax, green by nature.
    £128.41PVP £208.78
    38 %
  • ADIDAS Adipower Ctrl 3.0 - Take to the track and catch the eye with this adidas blade made of quality materials and technologies.
    £139.14PVP £295.77
    53 %
  • ADIDAS Adipower 3.0 - Stand out in important paddle games with this adidas paddle composed of quality materials.
    £139.14PVP £295.77
    53 %
    Review Manu Martin
  • ADIDAS Adipower Greenpadel 2022 - Incredible design padel racket, it has great flexibility and exceptional versatility.
    £121.99PVP £200.08
    39 %
  • Intended for players who want to combat climate change. Flax fiber biodegradable padel racket! Adidas RX Greenpadel 2023 is a sustainable padel racket.
  • ADIDAS adipower ctrol lite 3.1 2022 - Stand out with the best comfort and high performance in padel games.
  • adidas adipower lite 3.1 - Stand out on courts with this adidas padel racket of the best quality on the market.
    £86.08PVP £178.33
    52 %
    Review Manu Martin
  • ADIDAS Carbon CTRL 2.0 - Now you can get this high performance padel racket, ideal for the more adventurous player looking for great comfort, control and spin on every shot.
    £113.04PVP £221.82
    49 %
  • High control and comfort with the innovative Adidas RX 2000 Light 2023. If you are an intermediate-level player this is your padel racket. Shipping is 24-48 hours.
  • ADIDAS Carbon Pro Attack Platinum - Take with you now this adidas power padel racket, an exclusive model from the 2020 collection that comes to give you great power in each hit.
  • ADIDAS Vortom soft - This adidas padel racket has a modern design due to its quality materials and seasonal colors.
    £112.22PVP £269.67
    58 %
  • ADIDAS Metalbone Ctrl - Control padel racket for professional players.
    £112.22PVP £313.16
    64 %
  • ADIDAS Vortom Soft Red - Take a look at this ADIDAS padel racket, a versatile padel racket that allows you to achieve great balance and great performance in the game.
    £107.87PVP £269.67
    60 %
  • ADIDAS RX30 - Stand out in the most important padel matches for you with this adidas control racket. A model of the new collection adidas paddle 2021.
    £88.42PVP £121.79
    27 %
  • adidas essnova Carbon 3.1 2022 - Padel racket made for advanced level players.
    £103.52PVP £156.58
    34 %
  • ADIDAS Vortom Soft Lite Blue - It is a padel racket of the new collection adidas all for padel 2021 that stands out for its exclusive design and high performance
    £95.65PVP £217.47
    56 %
  • ADIDAS Fiber Glass Black - Go to the court with this control padel racket, a design from the innovative adidas all for padel collection that stands out for its high performance.
    £95.65PVP £200.08
    52 %
  • ADIDAS Vortom Soft Lite red - Get this ADIDAS padel racket now, a design that stands out for its design and excellent balance between power and control. Its has a round shape design.
    £95.65PVP £217.47
    56 %
  • Intended for intermediate level players. Shipping in 24-48 hours. Adidas RX 1000 2023 round-shape padel racket now available in our online store.
  • ADIDAS RX 300 2022 - Better control and more power without losing comfort and lightness with this new padel racket designed with comfortable carbon materials.
    £78.20PVP £130.48
    40 %
  • ADIDAS X-Treme Black Gold - Get noticed on the court with the perfect modern design and striking colour of the new padel racket that ADIDAS brings to you.
    £91.30PVP £191.38
    52 %
  • Adidas X-Treme Black White - Excellent control, power and nice design.
    £91.30PVP £191.38
    52 %
  • Order now the new Adidas Metalbone 3.2 2023, a great-powered and durable padel racket only for PRO players. Receive it in 24-48 hours!
  • ADIDAS Essex Attk White Gold - The innovative padel racket is intended for players who enjoy total power to beat their rivals on the court.
    £147.84PVP £260.97
    43 %
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