As everyone knows, the ADIDA'S brand has a lot of prestige and its products are reciognized for having great eficiency and quality besides the dazzling designs that all of us know. The padel collection that they created and we bring for you is not and exception with their variation of balanced, powerful or controlled padel rackets.

Adidas padel rackets with great discounts and outstanding designs. Find at our online padel store, the best offers on padel rackets by the brand ADIDAS with incredible prices. Discover the new and prettiest ADIDAS models of this year. Get surprised with the ADIDAS padel rackets aesthetics, since this company of sports materials has come with a very interesting collection for every type of players.

  • ADIDAS ADIPOWER SOFT 2.0, A POWER PADEL RACKET Meet the new ADIDAS Adipower Soft 2.0 power blade, a ...
    £173.50 £295.02
  • ADIDAS VORTOM SOFT RED, COLLECTION 2021 Meet now the ADIDAD Vortom Soft Red padel racket is a round ...
    £138.79 £295.02


  • ADIDAS Vortom Soft Lite red - Get this ADIDAS padel racket now, a design that stands out for its design and excellent balance between power and control. Its has a round shape design.
    £95.40PVP £225.60
    58 %
  • ADIDAS Vortom Soft Lite Blue - It is a padel racket of the new collection adidas all for padel 2021 that stands out for its exclusive design and high performance
    £95.40PVP £225.60
    58 %
  • ADIDAS Fiber Glass Black - Go to the court with this control padel racket, a design from the new adidas all for padel collection that stands out for its high performance.
    £86.73PVP £295.02
    71 %
  • ADIDAS Radogar Woman - Take a look at the new ADIDAS Radogar Woman, a control racket of the new collection adidas all for padel 2021, which comes with an exclusive design for Padel Nuestro.
    £78.05PVP £277.66
    72 %
  • ADIDAS Ryze pro woman - This control padel racket is focused on demanding players of high professional level.
    £69.37PVP £163.99
    58 %
  • ADIDAS Ryze pro - Discover the high performance offered by this adidas padel racket with a modern design and high performance.
    £69.37PVP £163.99
    58 %
  • ADIDAS Faster Green 1.9 - An impressive padel racket of the sports giant. For intermediate players seeking quality and a gameplay of control and potency.
    £60.70PVP £169.20
    64 %
  • ADIDAS Adipower Soft 2.0 - This power padel racket is made with quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies that provide excellent power and great comfort during play.
    £173.50PVP £295.02
    41 %
  • ADIDAS Adipower Light 2.0 - This padel racket stands out for its quality materials that provide great control and playability.
    £146.64PVP £234.24
    37 %
  • New
    £164.00PVP £199.57
    18 %
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