Padel Accessories

The accessories for padel are those complements which enlarge the useful life of a padel racket or protect us from padel injuries. Among the most demanding padel accessories we can find overgrips, wristbands, protectors, kneepads, baskets of balls, etc.

Padel Overgrip Prices

Find out the best overgrips at the cheapest prices, the most specific accessories for padel rackets. It is a band which is over the padel racket handle with the aim of achieving enough thickness and that the padel racket adapts to the player's hand without sliding with the sweat. Within our catalog, you can find bags and cans of overgrips by the leading brands such as Karakal, Wilson, Padel Coach, Siux or Bullpadel in different colours. The overgrips are sold in cubes of around 60 units or small packs and different colours. Their prices can vary around 80-100€ in the case of the drums or around 7€ in the case of packs, although these prices change according to the brands. At Pādel Nuestro you can buy overgrips by the leading brands which make this accessories.

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