Padel Rackets for woman

We are aware of the feminine power in sports like padel, that's why we offer a list of the best padel rackets prepaired for the female players. Visit our website where you will enjoy the latest news on padel for women, achieving the best prices in padel rackets designed for the female audience. Also we have the best prices in a wide variety of models specialized in cover up all your needs.


Discover the best options on padel rackets for women

Only in our catalog of female padel rackets, at Pādel Nuestro, you will find the best choice to enjoy playing padel if you are a woman. You wil find brands such as Akkeron,  Siux, Vibor-a, etc... They are designed with low-weight, with unique aesthetics and reinforced durability.

Racket collections for woman

The new collections of female rackets by the leading brands are completely over their previous models, offering more sofisticated padel rackets with the best materials and the highest quality. For example, we can highlight Nox MJ 10, a racket with amazing control and power and great efficiency or Head Zephyr W with great control and power too.

  • VARLION LW CARBON 8 PRISMA PANSY WOMAN, FIBERGLASS Get now this Varlion LW Carbon 8 Prisma Pansy pa ...
    £194.83 £278.36
  • RS PADEL PRIME EDITION 2.0 WHITE WOMAN, MEDIUM BALANCE The new RS Padel Prime Edition 2.0 padel rac ...
    £181.81 £181.81
  • RS PADEL PRIME EDITION 2.0 DARK BLUE WOMEN, CARBON MATERIALS You will enjoy your padel matches with ...
    £181.81 £181.81
  • NOX MJ10 GEMELAS ATOMIKAS BY MAJO SANCHEZ ALAYETO 2022, GREAT POWER You can not stay without this g ...
    £155.71 £256.62
    £155.71 £256.62
  • HEAD GRAPHENE 360 GAMMA MOTION, POWER AND CONTROL You can get now the new Head Graphene 360 Gamma M ...
    £148.74 £165.28
  • SOFTEE POTENZA WOMAN, high balance for demanding players Softee Potenza Woman is one of the brand's ...
    £140.01 £233.13


  • SOFTEE POTENZA WOMAN | Softee women padel racket made of carbon fibre in the faces and EVA Soft rubber in the nucleus. Padel racket with a diamond shape.
    £140.01PVP £233.13
    40 %
  • Babolat Revenge Woman 2022 - This padel racket is ideal for professional padel players looking for standing out with style on the court.
    £75.42PVP £130.48
    42 %
  • Vibora Liquid Naya 2021 - Take a look at these Vibora padel rackets, from the new collection that returns with a renewed design and high performance. Ideal for high-level players.
    £123.96PVP £247.92
    50 %
  • RS Padel Cobra Apex Edition Black Grey Women - Softness, control and lightness with this new padel racket composed of fiberglass and carbon fiber materials.
  • Babolat Defiance Woman 2022 - Thanks to its lightweight and soft materials (Eva Black foam and fiberglass) it will give you effortless comfort and power.
    £59.98PVP £113.09
    47 %
  • Bullpadel Vertex 2 woman - protect your elbows from injury with the new Bullpadel padel racket manufactured with a system that helps reduce vibration caused by impact.
    £113.04PVP £165.24
    32 %
  • Enebe Spitifire Woman - Top versatile padel racket on the market is ready for you.
    £79.20PVP £121.79
    35 %
  • BULLPADEL Gold Xseries 3.0 - This Bullpadel padel racket has an innovative and striking design.
    £104.34PVP £208.78
    50 %
  • Eclypse Luna 3.0 woman - Turn heads on any court with this control padel racket from the new Eclypse 2020 collection, a model built with materials that provide better control and greater performance.
    £95.65PVP £207.91
    54 %
  • Black Crown Piton Nakano - A perfect padel racket for potency and soft for a better control Striking design in black, pink and white colour, an explosive combination for the most daring ones.
    £91.34PVP £152.23
    40 %
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