The Padel beand Volkl is 100% Top Quality Product Made in Spain. Volkl is one of the oldest Sports Firms dating from 1923. It is characterized by having Products of Very High Performance with an adjusted Marketing to Assure the Player the Best Quality / Price Ratio. Volkl padel rackets , have the Best Process and Materials in Manufacturing. Its High Quality, Hit Sensations and Product Durability are some of the Bases that accompany the Firm.

  • VOLK SINTRA, A POWER SHOVEL The new Volkl Sintra 2019 paddle has arrived, a power paddle that is de ...
    £195.23 £247.64
  • VOLKL DEMON SPECIAL EDITION, CONTROL AND POTENCY Stand out in your training or padel matches with t ...
    £177.48 £226.34
  • VOLKL VOLCANO The spectacular Volkl Volcano black orange padel racket offers great performance in t ...
    £123.33 £212.14
  • VOLK CH3, MORE CONTROL The Volk CH3 blade has an attractive design in a combination of black and bl ...
    £149.12 £186.40
  • VOLKL V-IRON 98 BLACK Do you already know the new Volkl V-Iron 98 Black? It is a control padel rack ...
    £106.47 £132.25


  • Volkl Sintra -Take a look at this power shovel, a design for advanced players looking to power up every game without losing control.
    £195.23PVP £247.64
    21 %
  • Völkl Kanko - With this paddle, you will stand out in the game, because it is of high quality and because it has a striking design with green details. It is durable.
    £190.79PVP £238.76
    20 %
  • Volkl Demon Carbon | Just arrived from its new collection, a control racket with extra potency, offering defensive gameplay with attack touches. Get some polyvalence for experienced players. Elegant design.
    £204.10PVP £226.34
    10 %
  • Volkl Demon Special Edition - Attract everyones eyes with this padel racket destined to the most demanding padel players that seek a padel racket with high benefits.
    £177.48PVP £226.34
    22 %
  • Völkl Nitro Carbon Plus | Polyvalence in pure state, thats how this new Volkl is introduced. A ruthless racket for the most demanding players in the game field. Created om 100% carbon, it gest a firm structure, rigid and with extra resistance.
    £185.06PVP £217.46
    15 %
  • Volkl Volcano - Comfortable racket with excellent performance that provides you with more security on the court, plus it displays a marvellous design.
    £123.33PVP £212.14
    42 %
  • Volk CH3 - Do not hesitate to get this high quality shovel that will offer you the best performance on the track.
    £149.12PVP £186.40
    20 %
  • Volkl V-Iron 96 Pink - Dispute your most intense matches with the new Volkl racquet, a control model created for intermedium level players that seek to hit with the maximum precision each ball.
    £112.64PVP £137.58
    18 %
  • Volkl V-Iron 97 Blue | The Volkls new design is spectacular in blue colour and yellow details. Besides, it provides amazing performance in the most complicated points, offering greater control.
    £106.47PVP £137.58
    23 %
  • Volkl V-Iron 98 Black - If you're an intermediate level padel players and want to enjoy extraordinary precision in each hit, the new Volkl is for you. Dispute your matches with maximum comfort with this padel racket.
    £106.47PVP £132.25
    19 %
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