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    Don't let any ball go by with the StarVie Raydium Columns, a round racket for versatile intermediate players. With EVA Soft PK28 rubber core

    StarVie Raydium Columns, incredible durability

    Just out of the StarVie 2023 collection, the Raydium Columns arrives at Pādel Nuestro, a padel racket designed for those beginner level padel players who want to get a great ball output and good control in hitting.

    If we focus on its format, it has a round mold with a centered sweet spot, making it a racket that stands out for the exceptional control it offers the player, achieving greater precision when hitting the ball.

    Its weight ranges between 350 and 385 grams, a weight that allows extraordinary lightness and easy handling, allowing the player to move freely around the court and reach the fastest and most difficult balls.

    balanced power

    The planes of this StarVie 2023 racket have been manufactured with 12K carbon fiber, a material that guarantees a great output of the ball thanks to excellent rigidity and reactivity. In addition, it optimally resists friction and abrasion, therefore offering greater durability.

    The core, for its part, is made of EVA Soft PK28 rubber, a very soft and flexible foam that provides an incredible sensation of comfort, as well as a high ease to control the direction of the blows.

    The frame has been manufactured with carbon fiber, which results in a strong and durable racket that withstands blows and wear and tear, which increases the useful life of the racket. Also, greater comfort is achieved, since it optimally absorbs vibrations.

    attracts all eyes

    On the other hand, it has a striking and modern design in which the orange and blue details stand out on a black background, which achieves a vibrant and innovative aesthetic.

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