Shipping and Returns


We offer you a RETURN GUARANTEE UP TO 60 NATURAL DAYS after your order delivery, refunding the payed price 14 days after the reception and validation of the material according to:


1. A product cannot be returned if it has been used.

2. The items must be new, without usage and keep their original packaging and precints at the moment of the return.
(We will not admit any return if the original packaging of the items are in bad state, they must be returned in the same state that they are delivered, being suitable for sale)

2.1 Do not package directly on the items.

3. In order to do some item return, material will be sent to our storehouse postage prepaid to the address below. No freight collect material will be picked up. Items return is a right regulated by the rules that you have as a customer, but the transportation costs of the return are on customer's charge. The cost of the returning would be 18.38 GBP for Customs fee. You can choose between sending the articles on your own way or use our prepaid UPS label for 13.74 GBP

4. Every return must be previously approved by a communication, openning a support ticket in the Center of Customer Service and requiring a return code.

5. When the items have been received, checked and we have verified their state as new and unused, we will give the corresponding money refund according to:

5.1. If you paid the starting shipping costs an in the case of having received the return of the whole order, including the possible gifts, the ORDER COST will be refunded, discounting the paid cost in its moment as shipping costs.

5.2. If you did NOT pay the starting shipping costs and in the case of having received the whole order return, including the possible gifts, the paid cost will be refunded, except for 13.74 GBP as shipping costs unles it is a different destination from the Peninsula and Baleares which will be discounted on the corresponding shipping cost of that place.

5.3. In the case of having received a partial return of the order and following the same criteria, previously pointed out, the part of the order cost that has been received as return will be refunded providing the other part of the order is not under the quantity that it is established at the moment of placing the order in the shipping and returns box not to collect shipping costs. (Currently 137.85 GBP).

5.4. In the case the final cost of the order after a partial return is under the mentioned quantity of 137.85 GBP, the refund will be done corresponding to the item or items which have been received as return, deducting the quantity of 13.74 GBP as startin shipping cots not paid in the first shipment, unless it is a different destination from the Peninsula and Baleares which will be deducted the corresponding shipping costs of that place.

6. In the case that the return option has been admitted, the total cost will be transferred into the provided account in a period of 14 days after having received the material, or it will be changed by other available item if the customer requires it, making the requirement clear and carrying out the pertinent compensations if the prices were different.


The address of the items return, with prepaid postage is the following one:


C/ Venezuela, Parcela 1-17

Polígono Industrial Oeste

30820 Alcantarilla, Murcia - SPAIN


VERY IMPORTANT:You must include inside the package a copy of the starting bill and point out the reference number of the support ticket that you have performed in the Customer Service Centre and the text "RETURN", both in the external and in the internal side of the package; in the case that your application was cancelled by the impossibility of identifying it. If it is well indicated, we will be able to recognise from where it comes and, thereby, we could do the management to negotiate the required return as soon as possible, reducing thereby, we could to the waiting time during the process.

We are at your disposal to any enquiry and thank you so much for your patience.

Transport and Delivery

• FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING OUTSIDE SPAIN and inside the European community. The orders may take between 2 and 5 working days, depending on the destination. For further information, our customer service will calculate the shipping costs of your order regarding the weight, destination and volume. Shipping costs depends on the country the order must be sent and the total amount of the order and would be indicated before completing the order. For shipping of ball boxes a surcharge of 13.74 GBP per box is applied. For Sweden, Denmark and Finland would be 41.36 GBP per box.


If you select DHL Express delivery method, delivery will take place within 24 working hours if the order is completed before 13.00. Deliveries will carry out from Monday to Friday (weekends not included).


Valid from 16 December 2021 to 15 January 2022 Free Air shipping for orders over 150 euros. Next day delivery (Monday to Friday) for orders placed before 13.00 PM. Orders placed after this time will be shipped the next day (Monday to Friday) after placing the order and will be delivered the day after the order is shipped. Not valid for orders of cans or boxes of balls. Approximate deadlines.


• FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING OUTSIDE European community. The orders may take between 2 and 15 days, depending on the destination. Shipping cost would depend on the amount of the order, and would be calculated at the end of the process. The website will indicate the amount before the payment.In the event that the order is rejected at destination or cannot be delivered for reasons not attributable to transport, Pādel Nuestro will try to recover the shipment, passing on the shipping, return, customs and any other costs that may be generated, to the customer.


• FOR UK SHIPPING. Each order will be increased by 2,90 pounds due to UK Border Fee. For orders under 135 GBP, customer may not pay additional costs, such as duties or VAT. It is up to clients to declare VAT. Other charges might be imposed by customs in some cases. If the total amount of the order is 137.85 GBP or more, customer should pay 2,5% as custom fee (minimum amount would be 11,50 pounds) + duties +VAT. This amount would be required on delivery. Other charges might be imposed by customs in some cases

In case the customer refuses to pay UK border fees, duties, VAT or other charges once the order is sent, the order will be sent back to our facilities and all the expenses generated would be deducted from the amount paid by the customer on the order.

For the orders that cannot go out in the bags used in our stores, our Customer Service will calculate the shipping costs of your order in accordance with the weigth and the volume.


• FOR DELIVERY ON SATURDAYS, our Customer Service will calculate the shipping costs regarding the weight and volume.


Price: All the prices that appear on website include the 21% of VAT.



  • In case of ;complaint notify the sender to start the complaint process sending an email to
  • Pādel Nuestro will provide a complaint number known as LDI number, along with the address of your UPS office for complaints