RS Padel balls, more durability with a better touch

Enjoy greater durability and, with it, more matches with the RS Padel balls at Pādel Nuestro. Complete a greater number of matches with the same padel balls. Get better performance and behavior on the court with the RS Padel balls.

In Pādel Nuestro you have at your disposal different RS Padel padelballs so you can choose those that best suit your game, find the perfect balls for you and feel all the emotion and passion of the sport that is a trend in Europe. The best offers on RS Padel balls on the market are on our website. Get your padel balls with the most amazing discounts at Pādel Nuestro.

Why buy the padel balls from the RS Padel firm?

RS Padel balls have been developed by great sports professionals, this means that the performance and durability of these balls is more than guaranteed.

Robin Söderling, ATP player and two-time finalist in the Roland Garros tournament, together with number 1 padel player in Sweden Simon Vazquez have designed high-quality padel balls that stand out for their speed and the inclusion of new technology in the rubber that provides a better touch and sensations at the moment of hitting.

As we all know in sports, every detail is important and, therefore, having some guaranteed balls is essential to enjoy a good game of padel. Because as you know, the balls also affect your game and a ball with a bad bounce can make you lose a point that was easy to return a priori.

RS Padel balls are manufactured with the best processes and taking maximum care of every detail. To do this, the rubber is molded in two ways to join and form the core of the ball. Once this step is complete, pressurized air is applied inside each core to achieve the proper rebound.

Next, they are polished and covered with a specific glue and then passed through machines that cut long pieces of felt and wrap the ball that forms the outer part or cover. Finally, in order for the glue to seal and hold the filter together with the ball, it is heated to high temperatures.

Thanks to these processes and the use of premium materials such as high-quality felt, padel balls are achieved that stand out for their touch, speed and bounce. Within its range of padel balls we find:

  • Padel Tour X balls: the Padel Tour X balls stand out for their durability and touch. They are designed with the best felt on the market and their regular speed greatly improves the sensations at the time of the auction.
  • RS Champions Choice: the new rubber technology and the best felt on the market make them one of the best balls of the moment, with an unbeatable touch and bounce with surprising smoothness and speed.

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