• 2 Starvie Corvus Columns, teardrop paddle tennis racket Starvie Corvus Columns, paddle tennis racke ...
    £156.54 £156.57
  • The innovative Piton Furia model from Black Crown arrives at Padel Nuestro The Black Crown Piton Fu ...
    £156.54 £156.58
    £156.54 £156.58
  • Babolat Dyna Spirit 2023, for dynamic players looking for power Babolat Dyna Spirit 2023 is a teard ...
    £156.54 £156.58
  • NOX AT GENIUS ATTACK 18K, 100% ATTACK PADEL RACKET We present the Nox AT Genius 18K 2022 padel rack ...
    £155.67 £286.20
    £153.06 £169.63
  • ADIDAS ESSEX ATTK BLACK GOLD 2021, GREAT POWER IN YOUR GAME Speed up your game with much more power ...
    £147.84 £260.97
  • StarVie Raydium Columns, incredible durability Just out of the StarVie 2023 collection, the Raydium ...
    £147.84 £147.87
  • VIBORA YARARA EDITION, POWER AND CONTROL Take a look at the new Vibor-A Yarara in its 2022 version, ...
    £146.97 £313.16
  • AKKERON CALYPSO 2022 Capture glances on courts with the high performance of the new Akkeron Calypso ...
    £145.36 £217.47
    £143.49 £256.62
  • ROYAL PADEL 32 ANIVERSARIO HYBRID This Royal Padel 32nd Anniversary Hybrid racket is made with top- ...
    £142.62 £278.37
  • TECNIFIBRE WALL MASTER 365 WHITE BLACK, LIGHTNESS The new Tecnifibre Wall Master padel racket now l ...
    £140.01 £147.87
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  • Padel racket Nox ML10 Bahia Luxury Series 2022. Designed by Miguel Lamperti and Nox. It is a high-end, versatile and balanced padel racket for intermediate to advanced level players.
  • ADIDAS Pro Carbon Ctrl gold - Get now this control padel racket from the new adidas 2020 collection, an exclusive design ideal for high-level players. Great control and precision.
    £156.54PVP £260.97
    40 %
  • Starvie Corvus Columns, paddle tennis racket with a teardrop-shaped body to hit with power. 12K carbon planes and EVA Soft rubber core.
    £156.54PVP £156.57
  • Get the opportunity to obtain the new Piton Furia 2023 padel racket from Black Crown! You will have the whole match under control and you will be able to hit with precision.
  • RS Prime Team Edition Woman - You will be able to get control and power in every game.
    £156.54PVP £164.41
    5 %
  • Harlem Bionic - The great allies on the court are control and power alike due to your new Harlem padel racket.
    £156.54PVP £164.41
    5 %
  • Black Crown Hurricane 2022 - The high density and light eva soft core with maximum elasticity and silicone pieces located in the frame, reduce all types of vibrations.
    £156.54PVP £156.58
  • Enhance your technique with the new Adidas RX Carbon, a great padel racket for intermediate players with which you will become a PRO before a set ends.
  • Fresh from Babolat's range of lighter blades, the Stima Spirit offers good tolerance, comfort and great handling, get it now!

    £156.54PVP £156.58
  • Royal Padel Cross Pro - Padel racket designed with fiberglass materials, comfortable and easy to handle thanks to its lightness. Strong and durable.
    £156.54PVP £260.97
    40 %
  • New Babolat Dyna Spirit 2023 for padel players who want an easy to handle racket with light weight and power hitting, come in and get yours!

    £156.54PVP £156.58
  • Akkeron Gold Spain 2022 - Padel racket designed with a style that captivates looks, in addition to providing ease of use and comfort in your strokes.
    £156.54PVP £304.46
    49 %
  • Nox ML10 Shotgun Luxury Series 2022 is a padel racket that stands out for its great power and precision. Ideal for mid-level or professional players.
  • Nox AT Genius Attack 18K 2022. New version with Diamond shape and 18K Carbon on the impact faces. An attacking padel racket for the offensive player.
    £155.67PVP £286.20
    46 %
  • Nox Mm2 pro By Manu Martin - Get noticed on the game with the innovative Nox padel racket intended for professional padel players.
  • ADIDAS Metalbone -ADIDAS Metalbone - This adidas paddle is recommended to advanced level professional players looking for a high-end paddle.
    £155.67PVP £313.16
    50 %
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  • Royal Padel Whip Extreme - Padel racket designed with resistant polyethylene and fiberglass materials that allow players to have control and power in their strokes.
    £155.67PVP £260.97
    40 %
  • Softee K3 Tour 7.0 - Get control of the court, the game and your rival with this amazing round-shaped padel racket to reach victory.
    £154.80PVP £172.24
    10 %
  • Salming Magician S5 Dual Force - Designed with durable materials, great design, low balance.
    £153.06PVP £169.63
    10 %
  • Akkeron Silver R X9 | Experience more potency in each hit in the padel match with this padel racket for high-performance players of the best quality.
    £152.19PVP £217.47
    30 %
  • Akkeron Gold R X9 | Get one of the best padel rackets for advanced level players with an attractive design and at the best price on your trustworthy online store.
    £152.19PVP £217.47
    30 %
  • Ares Darkness 2021 - Discover this Ares power padel racket, a model that stands out for its design and tougher and more resistant structure that maximizes the power in every hit.
    £152.19PVP £217.47
    30 %
  • Ares Spear - This Ares padel racket is great for experienced padel players who have extensive experience in the game thanks to its good materials.
    £152.19PVP £217.47
    30 %
  • Pala Softee Potenza Black Edition - Hit the court with this high-end padel racket recommended for professional padel players.
  • Drop Shot Canyon Soft - New padel racket made with durable materials and great technologies.
    £151.57PVP £295.77
    49 %
  • Jhayber Attack SH12K 2022 - Padel racket designed with comfortable, soft and resistant materials that provide durability and power in each stroke without losing comfort.
    £121.74PVP £234.87
    48 %
  • Dunlop Galactica Pro 2022 - It incorporates an extra carbon called 45 FACE to offer even more structural rigidity on the face of the padel racket for firmer hits.
    £150.04PVP £252.23
    41 %
  • Vibor-a King Cobra Black 1K - Get now this incredible padel racket that will help you win many games, thanks to its great power
    £148.71PVP £378.41
    61 %
  • ADIDAS Essex ATTK Black Gold 2021 - An innovative way to raise your level in the game is with this padel racket that gives you a new superior power.
  • Nox Equation WPT Advanced Series 23 Woman - Face your rivals easily with the innovative Nox padel racket that has arrived for the most advanced players.
  • Don't let any ball go by with the StarVie Raydium Columns, a round racket for versatile intermediate players. With EVA Soft PK28 rubber core
  • Wilson Ultra Elite V2 padel - Fabulous design padel racket made with good quality materials and technologies.
    £146.97PVP £165.28
    11 %
  • StarVie Kraken Pro 2021 - Jump onto the track with this StarVie shovel, a model aimed at more experienced players who want to get better performance in the game.
    £146.97PVP £192.16
    24 %
  • Vibora Yarara Edition - An excellent performance padel racket, thanks to its unmatched performance this padel racket gives you power and control to ensure victory.
    £146.97PVP £313.16
    53 %
    Icono Categoria
  • Starvie Raptor 2021 - starvie shovel for advanced players who are looking for a shovel with a modern and bold design.
    £146.97PVP £260.88
    44 %
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  • Softee Helix Black Yellow - Order now this padel racket and experience its design with power in each hit.
    £146.97PVP £154.84
    5 %
  • Akkeron Calypso 2022 - This Akkeron Calypso padel racket is designed with the best quality technologies and materials.
    £145.36PVP £217.47
    33 %
  • Drop Shot Canyon - Highly durable, great design, power and control.
    £145.11PVP £295.77
    51 %
  • Prince Tour Di Legend - Incredible design padel racket made of lightweight materials for greater ease of use, giving you power in each stroke; comfortable and practical.
    £143.49PVP £208.73
    31 %
  • Star Vie Metheora Warrior - Your innovative padel racket has a carbon construction, soft Eva rubber and a round shape for total control.
    £143.49PVP £317.50
    55 %
    Icono Categoria
  • Vibora Taipan Classic Edition - Get noticed when you get to the court with the innovative padel racket that Vibora brings for the most demanding players.
    £143.49PVP £217.47
    34 %
  • Wilson Carbon Force Pro Gold LTD - Disfruta del control mximo que tu nueva pala de padel de edicin limitada tiene para ti.
    £143.49PVP £216.61
    34 %
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  • Nox Mp10 Gemelas Atomikas By Mapi Sanchez Alayeto 2022 - Get an incredible balance between power and control with this wonderful padel racket from the Gemelas Atomikas.
  • Prince Phantom V2 - You can get now this padel racket aimed at advanced level players.
    £143.49PVP £234.83
    39 %
  • Jhayber Spartack - Take a look at this new Jharbey multipurpose padel racket, a model that stands out for its balance and great performance.
    £142.62PVP £217.47
    34 %
  • Royal Padel 32 Aniversario Hybrid - Stand out on padel courts with this Royal padel racket for professional padel players.
  • Enebe RSX Blue - High power and control will be your allies in every encounter with your innovative padel racket.
    £140.92PVP £200.08
    30 %
  • Dunlop Galactica - Great control and power. Great design.
    £140.46PVP £234.83
    40 %
  • Tecnifibre Wall Master 365 White Black - This new padel racket was made with lightweight carbon materials that give you power and precision in each stroke.
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