• ADIDAS METALBONE HRD 2022, MAXIMUM POWER Turn heads with the power of your strokes with the new ADI ...
    £194.81 £330.56
  • HEAD GRAVITY PRO 2022, MODERN DESIGN Find the design of your own game with the Head Gravity Pro rac ...
    £194.81 £243.53
  • BLACK CROWN PITON LIMITED, FOR EXCELLENT LEVEL PLAYERS Enjoy the best Padel courts with the new Bla ...
    £192.20 £226.17
  • VIBOR-A LIQUID KING COBRA 2021, MODERN DESIGN Stand out at important padel matches with this Vibora ...
    £190.46 £365.36
  • ADIDAS METALBONE CTRL 3.1 2022, A FEELING OF COMFORT IN EVERY HIT This padel racket that ADIDAS bri ...
    £178.29 £330.56
  • SOFTEE SUMMIT RED POWER, REDUCES VIBRATIONS The Softee Summit red power is a padel racket with a th ...
    £186.99 £208.78
  • ADIDAS ADIPOWER LIGHT 3.1 2022, GREATER POWER AND CONTROL We present you the incredible ADIDAS Adip ...
    £182.64 £260.97
  • SIUX ELECTRA ST1, A GREAT STUPA PADEL RACKET! Finally, what is going to be, without a doubt, one of ...
    £182.64 £260.10
  • HARLEM NIRVANA 12K, HIGH POWER AND CONTROL Harlem Padel presents us with the new Nirvana 12K, a pad ...
    £182.64 £199.21
    £182.64 £304.46
  • SIUX SPARTAN LUXURY The new Siux Spartan Luxury is designed with teardrop shape and a medium balanc ...
    £182.64 £347.09
  • Bullpadel Vertex 03 W Woman 2023, diamond padel racket for advanced players who play with power Bul ...
    £180.90 £226.13
    £180.90 £207.91
  • STAR VIE METHEORA WARRIOR 2022, CONTROL PADEL RACKET Get the new Starvie Metheora Warrior 2022, a p ...
    £173.94 £330.48
  • STAR VIE BASALT GRAVITY, HIGH QUALITY StarVie Basalto Gravity - This blade stands out for its compo ...
    £176.59 £269.67
  • AKKERON COBRA PROTECTOR 2021, POLYVALENT PADEL RACKET Get the new Akkeron cobra protector padel rac ...
    £169.59 £347.96
  • SOFTEE POTENZA WOMAN, high balance for demanding players Softee Potenza Woman is one of the brand's ...
    £173.94 £233.13
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  • Softee Freedom - A unique padel racket for the strongest and most powerful players looking for great resistance to beat their rivals.
    £195.68PVP £217.47
    10 %
  • ADIDAS Metalbone HRD 2022 - Greater power, speed and comfort with this new padel racket designed with resistant and durable materials that give you safety on the court.
    £194.81PVP £330.56
    41 %
    Review Manu Martin
  • Head Gravity Pro 2022 - Good comfort, great control, medium balance.
    £194.81PVP £243.53
    20 %
  • Akkeron Armageddon R X20 - Hit the court with this incredible padel racket, which will give you an excellent level of performance in every shot.
    £193.94PVP £278.37
    30 %
  • Black Crown Piton Limited - Meet this Black Crown control padel racket, a 2020 design made for professional players looking for defensive shots without losing power.
    £192.20PVP £226.17
    15 %
  • Vibora Liquid King cobra 2021 - Stand out at important padel matches with this high-performance padel racket.
    £190.46PVP £365.36
    48 %
  • ADIDAS Metalbone CTRL 3.1 2022 - The Octagonal Structure technology and its composition in CARBON ALUMINIZED, make this model one of the most powerful.
    £178.29PVP £330.56
    46 %
    Review Manu Martin
  • Wilson Pro Staff Lt V2 - Go to your games with the innovative padel racket that Wilson brings for you and stand out on the court among your rivals.
    £187.85PVP £234.87
    20 %
  • Black Crown Piton 9.0 - This Black Crown padel racket is designed in a round shape, with a medium balance. It allows you to get shots full of power without leaving control behind.
    £187.85PVP £208.78
    10 %
  • Black Crown Piton 9.0 Soft - Take a look at this Black Crown padel racket, that stands out for its power and high performance.
    £187.85PVP £208.78
    10 %
  • Bullpadel Flow Woman - Hit the court ready to win thanks to your new padel racket that offers you everything.
    £186.99PVP £234.83
    20 %
  • SOFTEE Summit Red power - Obtain this quality padel racket for a high-performance game.
    £186.99PVP £208.78
    10 %
  • Softee Outside - A top padel racket to take maximum control of the court, the ball and your rival thanks to its round shape.
    £186.99PVP £208.78
    10 %
  • Salming Magician S17 LTD - The innovative padel racket is great for players who enjoy reaching victory with versatility.
    £184.38PVP £204.43
    10 %
  • Salming Hero S19 Tech - Take control and power is in a single padel racket with amazing vibration control.
    £184.38PVP £204.43
    10 %
  • Softee Summit Green Power - Stand out with the innovative and elegant design of the new Softee padel racket for professional padel players.
    £182.64PVP £208.78
    13 %
  • ADIDAS Adipower Light 3.1 2022 - You can use it in each of your matches since it has an elegant black color combined with mint color, which will give you a touch of elegance on courts.
    £182.64PVP £260.97
    30 %
  • Siux Electra ST1 - Show off an amazing style with this new padel racket, made with carbon materials on the impact surfaces and frame, focused on advanced professional level players.
    £182.64PVP £260.10
    30 %
    Review Manu Martin
  • Softee Summit Royal power - Turn heads in the game with the Softee polyvalent padel racket with a modern design and the best quality.
    £182.64PVP £208.78
    13 %
  • The innovative Adidas Adipower Team 2023 is here! If you are an advanced-level player and want to continue perfecting your technique, this is your padel racket.
  • Siux Cayman | Medium balance, excellent quality and nice design.
    £182.64PVP £182.68
  • Harlem Nirvana 12K - Let yourself be carried away by the great features of this padel racket and fall in love with the power and control that it offers you, ideal for advanced or professional level players.
    £182.64PVP £199.21
    8 %
  • ADIDAS Adipower CTRL 3.1 2022 - It includes the Dual eXoskeleton, double-height ribs that reinforce the bridge and frame area, allowing the player to hit with all their might.
    £182.64PVP £304.46
    40 %
    Review Manu Martin
  • Turned in the strongest rival with the Adipower CTRL Team, a padel racket that will give you total control in each hit. Now available in Padel Nuestro.
  • Vidar Of Bstad Cc Tour - Good control, nice design, great quality.
    £182.64PVP £207.91
    12 %
  • Siux Spartan Luxury | The new Siux Spartan Luxury is designed with teardrop shape and a medium balance
    £182.64PVP £347.09
    47 %
  • Siux Pegasus | It is considered the best padel racket in the world. It is a padel racket with which we can show our best play.
    £181.81PVP £452.35
    60 %
  • Varlion Lw Carbon 3 | Just arrived from the new collection with a striking and original design in white and blue colours. Created with light, resistant and rigid materials, it has extraordinary innovations that improve performance on the court.
    £181.77PVP £200.08
    9 %
  • Bullpadel Vertex 03 W Woman 2023, diamond padel racket for advanced players. Maximum power and versatile blows with a double density core.
    £180.90PVP £226.13
    20 %
  • Siux Tsunami All Black 3K Red - Get high control with your innovative Siux exclusive padel racket, perfect for victory.
    £180.90PVP £207.91
    13 %
  • Star Vie Metheora Warrior 2022 - Padel racket designed with carbon materials that give you balance during your movements, comfortable and resistant.
    £173.94PVP £330.48
    47 %
  • Softee Speed Blue Power Blue Silver - Obtain this Softee padel racket and increase the power of your hits with its powerful and high-quality design.
  • Softee Speed orange Power - Get control of the track and your rival and print power to win, due to your new tear padel racket.
    £178.29PVP £200.08
    11 %
  • StarVie Basalto Gravity - This StarVie padel racket was created with highly resistant materials, is a very aerodynamic padel racket.
    £176.59PVP £269.67
    35 %
  • Akkeron Poseidon 2022 - You can now get the excellent performance padel racket that will accompany you at the beginning of the year.
    £174.81PVP £452.35
    61 %
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