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We know the importance of an excellent equipment for the panel tournaments, for that reason we offer to you top-quality padel rackets with the better price, compared to another companies.

In our website you will find every type of padel racket, according to their weight, shape, control or power, you will find different models of padel rackets which will cover up all your needs. If you want more power or if you need to control where the ball is going to hit, we have the padel racket that you need. Also, we manage specific weights giving you the exact grammes that they have so you can choose the one that adapts to your requirements.

Padel has three types of players: the beginners, for them we have asistance in case they are not sure what kind of padel racket fill their needs, because they are in search of what they want. For intermedium players we also have asistance, so they can find the best brand of padel racket that satisfies their needs, and for advanced players so they can know when we have availability in the padel racket that they want.

We always make sure that you get the attention and top-quality sport padel equipment that you're aiming for.



  • BULLPADEL HACK WOMAN 2019, GREAT PRECISION Know the Bullpadel Hack Women 2019 padel racket, that re ...
    £122.60 £215.45
  • HEAD GRAPHENE TOUCH DELTA HYBRID Head Graphene Touch Delta Hybrid is a magnificent paddle to meet t ...
    £140.12 £254.04
  • BLACK CROWN PITON The Black Crown Piton is an exceptional padel rack with great control and very go ...
    £100.70 £157.64
  • HEAD GRAPHENE 360 BELA X, POTENCY PADEL RACKET Take a look at the most important padel tournament w ...
    £210.20 £262.80
  • BLACK CROWN PITON 7.0 Black Crown Piton 7.0 paddle is recommended for players of intermediate level ...
    £119.97 £219.00
  • BULLPADEL VERTEX CONTROL 20, EXCELLENT QUALITY Bullpadel Vertex Control 20 - It is a blade that was ...
    £218.12 £240.86
  • HEAD GRAPHENE XT ALPHA PRO LTD Try the new Head Graphene XT Alpha Pro LTD and enjoy its great featu ...
    £122.60 £236.52
  • ADIDAS ADIPOWER ATTK 1.8 Become an unstoppable padel player with the new version of adidas Adipower ...
    £121.76 £280.32
  • ROYAL PADEL RP ANIVERSARIO SPECIAL EDITION YELLOW Royal Padel RP Aniversary Edition Yellow is a pad ...
    £118.22 £306.60
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  • ADIDAS Adipower Soft 1.9 - You can also play with Ale Galans racquet. Made with the best materials and technologies to provide the greatest potency.
    £166.35PVP £297.84
    44 %
  • Bullpadel Vertex 2 | To develop a powerful game, we introduce you this Bullpadel model. Perfect for advanced and professional players.
    £162.02PVP £227.72
    29 %
  • Bullpadel Hack | If youre looking to renovate your racquet and cant find one to better perform your best game style, we introduce you the new Bullpadel.
    £166.35PVP £258.38
    36 %
  • Bullpadel Vertex Control | Perfect if youre an advanced level or professional player seeking exceptional qualities to develop your game of control.
    £160.31PVP £227.72
    30 %
  • Bullpadel Hack Control | If youre thinking about renovating your racquet and dont know which one to choose, we introduce you the new Bullpadel model for control players.
    £175.16PVP £258.38
    32 %
  • Bullpadel Vertex Woman | If youre thinking of changing racquets and finding one that gives you power and extra manageability, take a look at this padel racquet.
    £113.00PVP £162.02
    30 %
  • Bullpadel Hack Woman 2019 - Achieve a game of maximum control with this magnificent padel racket and dominate all the match increasing your game level.
    £122.60PVP £215.45
    43 %
  • Dunlop Gravity Soft - An incredibly perfect racquet for players looking for versatility in the game and fast adaptability to stand out with the best performances.
    £83.13PVP £219.00
    62 %
  • Varlion Lethal Weapon Carbon 3 Original aesthetic defect - Stand out in your padel training with this padel racket destined to professional padel players.
  • Dunlop Gravity - This racquet stands out for its stupendous control when touching the ball, thanks to its lightness it allows hit sensations with more security.
    £95.48PVP £236.52
    60 %
  • The Siux Diablo 2015 is the new model of the well-considered best padel racket in the world, a model with aesthetic news.
    £218.12PVP £367.92
    41 %
  • NOX ML10 PRO CUP - New Nox control, the racket totally designed by the top player Miguel Lamperti. A model that belongs to Nox's 2018 racket collection. Made of carbon in the frame and fibreglass in the faces.
    £141.87PVP £192.72
    26 %
  • HEAD GRAPHENE TOUCH DELTA HYBRID |Head Graphene Touch Delta Hybrid is a magnificent paddle to meet the needs of demanding players
    £140.12PVP £254.04
    45 %
  • Black Crown Piton is very different from what we are used to in the market, betting for the black and gold.
    £100.70PVP £157.64
    36 %
  • Dunlop Galaxy Green - This racquet incorporates first-class level technologies that improve the racquets life quality plus it provides maximum comfort on the court when touching the ball.
    £95.48PVP £236.52
    60 %
  • Varlion Lethal Weapon Carbon 3 Gt aesthetic defect - This padel racket stand out for its stupendous control without sacrificing potency thanks to its technologies and quality materials.
    £86.72PVP £201.39
    57 %
  • The Siux Diablo Granph is clearly one of the best padel rackets in the world, a bat with superior behaviour both in power and control.
    £191.84PVP £394.20
    51 %
  • Head Graphene 360 Bela X - Catch the attention on the court with the Head padel racket for professional players looking for a tough and durable padel racket.
    £210.20PVP £262.80
    20 %
  • Black Crown Piton Nakano - A perfect padel racket for potency and soft for a better control Striking design in black, pink and white colour, an explosive combination for the most daring ones.
    £98.94PVP £153.30
    35 %
  • Dunlop Galaxy Soft paddle offers a hybrid format with medium balance that makes it more manageable.
  • Siux Pegasus | It is considered the best padel racket in the world. It is a padel racket with which we can show our best play.
    £235.64PVP £428.36
    45 %
  • Black Crown Piton 7.0 Soft | If you need to make that quality leap in your game and get to dominate all game facets, the new Black Crown 7.0 Soft won't disappoint you.
    £130.96PVP £201.48
    35 %
  • Head Graphene Touch Alpha Power - Dont hesitate to get this top-quality padel racket and enjoy maximum performance.
    £86.72PVP £175.20
    51 %
  • Siux Diablo Granph Blue | Spectacular performance with this padel racket on the court. Amazing properties. It is characterised by its oversize rounded shape. Siux high quality.
    £244.40PVP £394.20
    38 %
  • Black Crown Piton 7.0 paddle is recommended for players of intermediate level.
    £119.97PVP £219.00
    45 %
  • Dunlop Blast Fluor Red | If youre looking for a versatile padel racquet to perform different sides on the court that lets you generate a defensive game with hits that absorb well the vibrations and allows you make effective counterattacks.
    £66.49PVP £219.00
    70 %
  • Siux Astra Attack | For the most demanding players, the new Siux model is introduced loaded with innovations and technologies that meet expectations.
    £191.84PVP £323.24
    41 %
  • NOX AT10 PRO CUP COAL - If you want to enjoy more control and potency, get now this 2019 Nox padel racquet model. Obtain the best discounts in Padel.
    £104.24PVP £217.25
    52 %
  • Bullpadel Hack 02 - A super power padel racket created for the demanding expert level player. It is a durable padel racket, due to its excellent quality.
  • Black Crown Masai | The new Black Crown Masai arrives with a round format and medium balance, obtaining great control with excellent power and great technical potential.
    £126.93PVP £201.48
    37 %
  • Varlion LW Difusor Titan aesthetic defect - Don't hesitate to get this magnificent high-performance padel racket that'll satisfy each one of your needs on the court.
  • Bullpadel Vertex 02 - Capture the glances in your most important paddle training with the eye-catching design of the Bullpadel Man padel racket.
  • Black Crown Masai Control | Discover the new Masai Control, one of the most awaited novelties by Black Crown. Comfortable with a fresh design.
    £113.44PVP £175.20
    35 %
  • Bullpadel Vertex Control 20 - It is a high quality padel racket that was created for players to get control. It is characterized by very good vibration reduction.
    £218.12PVP £240.86
    9 %
  • The Black Crown Piton 5.0 Soft is one of the most awaited padel rackets, a soft padel racket, wide sweet point.
    £111.21PVP £201.48
    45 %
  • BULLPADEL HACK 2018| Check ou the new padel racket that Paquito Navorro will play with during the 2018. Power, quality and innovation with a great design
    £147.16PVP £306.60
    52 %
  • Head Graphene XT Alpha Pro LTD | With an original and very pretty design, the new Head also offers spectacular performance on the court. You can already get it at the best price on your favourite specialised online padel store.
    £122.60PVP £236.52
    48 %
  • ADIDAS ADIPOWER ATTK 1.8 | Potency at the maximum with this new Attak version. More professional design than its predecessor. Its nucleus and balance prove more intensity to each hit.
    £121.76PVP £280.32
    57 %
  • You can now buy at Padel Nuestro the new model of padel racket by Royal Padel | It is made in yellow with an amazing throat.
    £118.22PVP £306.60
    61 %
  • Royal Padel Whip Professional Limited Edition | Padel racket characterised by its great efficiency in every point. It is made of high quality materials.
  • Nox Mercury Attack Pro - This padel racket stands out for its durability. With it, youll obtain more potency in ball outputs; created with a carbon frame.
    £226.88PVP £252.29
    10 %
  • ADIDAS Adipower Attack Soft 1.8 | This new adidas padel racket is now available, a racket for attack players. In addition, it has an EVA Soft rubber core, so that it provides an incredible velocity in the ball output.
    £121.76PVP £293.46
    59 %
  • Get now the new Nox AT10 Gold, a distinguished control racquet designed in a rounded shape with a low balance and a light weight between 360 and 375 grams.
    £104.24PVP £252.29
    59 %
  • The Black Crown Piton 2.0 is one of the most balanced advanced-level racquets with excellent touch and feelings. Buy with the best.
    £104.24PVP £175.20
    41 %
  • Adidas Zukur Ctrl Chromed Gold | Feel control in its purest state with the new Adidas for high-level players. Elaborated in black and gold colour, it provides an elegant style and a lot of class to your look.
    £95.48PVP £293.46
    67 %
  • Black Crown Puma | Top and highly efficient padel racket with the shape of tear-drop and light weight. Padel racket made of carbon and glass fibers.
    £83.59PVP £227.76
    63 %
  • ADIDAS REAL POWER CTRL 1.8 | Comes to our online store the fabulous and original Adidas Realpower 1.8, of the new 2018 collection. Made of high-quality materials, very resistant, broad sweet point, centred in the racket's middle zone.
    £78.80PVP £280.32
    72 %
  • Nox Ml10 Pro P.3, a padel racket which will leave you run out of words, developed for Miguel Lampertis likes.
    £77.96PVP £196.22
    60 %
  • New Black Crown Piton 3.0 padel racket, for competition or professional players
    £76.17PVP £175.20
    57 %
  • Adidas Nitrocharge ATTK | Great quality padel racket, hit and speed. Features and technologies you can't miss at a magnificent price. If you're looking for a padel racket that meets your expectations, here you have it.
    £65.66PVP £271.56
    76 %
  • The new Dunlop Fusion Sport Extreme paddle is made with the best materials and technologies offering the perfect combination between control and power.
  • Head Stratos Black | Padel racket with excellent output and quality thought for expert players.
    £52.52PVP £122.64
    57 %
  • Dunlop Omega Yellow Fluor - High-quality perfect model thatll give you more comfort and stability in your movements to dominate the complete game.
    £35.00PVP £87.56
    60 %
  • Dunlop Omega Green Fluor - This Dunlop racket is destined for intermediate level players seeking high benefits racket with a broad sweet point.
    £35.00PVP £87.56
    60 %
  • NOX ML10 LUXURY L.4 | Potency padel racket for demanding players seeking comfort, stregnth and precision with the brand's latest technology.
    £113.84PVP £252.29
    55 %
  • Check out the new 2018 Bullpodel wing 2, a versatile padel racket of a great balance between control and power. Comfortable and manoeuvrable,
    £104.24PVP £210.24
    50 %
  • Head Graphene 360 Alpha Pro | If youre looking for one of the best racquets in the market, here we introduce you the new Head model; made with the best.
    £191.84PVP £245.28
    22 %
  • The padel racket in elegant design is bringing maximum performance to you at an incredible price. The racket adidas Carbon Ctrl 1.8 is great for control and power.
    £74.42PVP £249.66
    70 %
  • The new Graphene Tornado Control LTD Gold padel racket comes in strongly to the padel courts. | Classic and elegant style with great technical benefits.
    £70.04PVP £192.72
    64 %
  • Siux Pegasus Graphene Silver - Ideal for advanced level players who seek a balanced padel racket to improve their game technique.
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The choice of your padel racket is essential to achieve the perfect efficiency and balance for our game, even to avoid injuries in your arm. We have to take into account aspects such as our level, our physical conditions, our type of game, age, etc.


  1. Level of game: The padel rackets can be classified into levels of beginners, intermediate and advanced-professional players, distinguishing themselves by the price and of course by the materials of the manufacturing and innovative technologies applied onto the padel racket, depending on if you start playing padel or you are an expert on the court.
  2. Control and power: Every player shows a different type of game depending on the technique and managing of the padel racket, you will be interested on using a specific type of padel racket based and cofigurated to show precision in every stroke or to get power in every impact, although there are also padel rackets which show the perfect balance between power and control.
  3. Shape of the padel rackets: they can be classified by their shape into tear drop, diamond or rounded, distinguishing mainly by the location of the sweet point (the wider the sweet point is, the better the padel racket wil be). At the same time, depending on the shape of the bat, it will be configurated with high balance (tear drop) and low balance (rounded) taking into account how the weight is distributed.
  4. Materials and technologies: During the manufacturing process of a padel racket, several materials are used such as carbon, glass fiber, kevlar, graphite, EVA rubber, FOAM...which are superimposing over different layers, achieving a padel racket with more or less durability, sweet point and defining the padel racket quality.