CAZZEC and its padel rackets are constantly adapting to the market changes and to the growing competitiveness by means of a constant renovation of the productive processes, in the introduction of the most advanced technology and the acquisition of modern installations. All these aspects are thought to improve productivity and costs and to the elaboration of high quality products.



  • The Cazzec Furius is a padel racket made of the best materials of the market, it provides great power without missing control.
    £77.96PVP £235.64
    67 %
  • The Cazzec ORION is a control padel racket, it is intended for advanced padel players who are looking for the best control game.
    £77.96PVP £218.12
    64 %
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  • The Cazzec Orion blue padel racket is characterised by its great performance regarding power. Amazing design
    £69.20PVP £218.12
    68 %
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  • Cazzec Orion Pro, the Cazzec is a padel racket with excellent relation between quality and price, designed with a wide sweet point and amazing design.
    £77.96PVP £209.36
    63 %
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  • Cazzec Evolution Black Series, a padel racket designed to guarantee the best efficiency in every single point, a bat which you can perform amazing strokes.
    £77.96PVP £183.96
    58 %
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  • The Cazzec Evolution White is an exceptional padel racket of power, a perfect bat for players who enjoy hitting the ball hard.
    £69.20PVP £183.08
    62 %
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  • The Cazzec Larius is characterised by its control but also by its nice aesthetics in bright colours, black, blue and white.
    £56.94PVP £165.56
    66 %
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  • Cazzec Larius Pro Orange Black Series, it is a padel racket which adapts easily and with which you can enjoy every single point of the match.
  • Cazzec Larius Pro Lady Black Series, female padel racket with excellent relation between quality and price. It is a padel racket of control.
  • Cazzec Artic, the Artic padel racket has an excellent relation between quality and price. It has been made to guarantee power without forgetting about control.
    £60.44PVP £113.00
    47 %
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Padel rackets made in Alicante, Spain

The Cazzec padel rackets have been designed and made in Spain, in the the buildings that the Spanish brand has in the district of Alicante, under hard quality tests and mixed with the best materials of the market in order to be adapted to the necessities of every level of game. The brand CAZZEC includes, within its collection of padel rackets, a great variety which is let to both advanced or beginner players.