Black Friday padel 2022, incredible discounts on the best rackets

Black Friday padel 2022 has already arrived, from Sunday 20 to Sunday, November 27 the lowest prices will be at Pādel Nuestro. A week of madness with the lowest prices on the market at Pādel Nuestro. During this week we launched thousands of incredible offers on padel rackets, shoes, clothing, padel bags and accessories. The best deals in our history will complete a week of crazy prices.


What is Black Friday padel 2022?

Black Friday, also known as Black Friday, is the best opportunity to shop while saving money. A date when all stores make their best discounts. A celebration of American origin that takes place just one day after Thanksgiving.

The day known as the last Friday in November, also called Black Friday, has become one of the most important days on the calendar. Black Friday padel is the perfect day to do your shopping, a great opportunity to buy padel rackets, sneakers, rackets bags , clothes and accessories with incredible discounts. On this great day for users and buyers at Pādel Nuestro we bet on savings.

Great discounts at Pādel Nuestro in the main brands and padel rackets. The best prices of the year on a selection of products from the main brands and models. The best discounts at Pādel Nuestro, a leader in padel distribution in Spain and Europe.

When is Black Friday celebrated?

Black Friday 2022 will start on Sunday 20 until 27 November. This day will be full of offers and great discounts in stores around the world. However, in Pādel Nuestro one day only seems little. Therefore, from the night of Friday 22 our prices will start to go crazy. A week of crazy prices and incredible discounts that will make you excited again like when you were a child.

A week of deals, known as Black Week, which will feature 7 days of crazy prices. Crazy prices that will surprise many padel lovers. A total of 7 days in which you will have to remain very attentive to our website. Every day and every moment scandal offers will appear on our website, both padel rackets and clothing or padel rackets bags. All our products with the lowest prices of the year. Be very attentive because we are going to give everything.


On Black Friday padel rackets the biggest discounts of the year on the net, at Pādel Nuestro we make the best selection of padel products on the market. The main brands such as Bullpadel, Adidas, Wilson, or Nox with exceptional discounts.

We select the best rackets of the moment, along with the best shoes, textiles, padel bags and accessories. On padel Black Friday we can buy the best products of all seasons.

Thanks to our knowledge of the product, we choose those products that may most interest padel fans. That is why this Black Friday 2022 will be one of the most special.

Black Friday padel rackets

In our section of Black Friday padel rackets we will be able to find the best-selling and most important rackets on the market in a unique savings opportunity. The best brands with the best prices in a week of great savings.

In our section of Black Friday padel rackets we will be able to find the best-selling and most important rackets on the market in a unique savings opportunity. The best brands with the best prices in a week of great savings.

Black Friday in padel shoes

Offers in padel shoes, we make a selection of the main brands and models of padel footwear with extensive discounts.

Black Friday in padel clothes

Clothes to play padel with incredible discounts, a whole week that will allow us to save on textiles from the main padel brands. Quality clothing with the largest offers on the market.

Why buy on Pādel Nuestro on Black Friday?

In Pādel Nuestro we have been working for months so that Black Friday in padel rackets is the best of all time. A Black Friday full of offers on padel rackets is waiting for you.

The best brands will be present on this Black Friday 2022 so you can buy your padel racket at the best price in the entire market.

On this special day, brands such as Bullpadel, Adidas, Siux, Black Crown, Babolat, Nox, Vibor-a, Head, Varlion, among others, will have discounts of up to 90%. The most demanded padel rackets will be present in our Black Friday offers section.

 Black Friday packed with deals

Buying padel rackets on Black Friday is the best way to save. Many of our products will be almost at cost price and their discounts can reach up to 90% off. Products that close their stage with us due to the change of season and 2022 products that will suffer a notable price drop so that this Black Friday is one of the most remembered.

It is the perfect time to create your padel equipment, from a padel bag to an accessory. Choosing your padel equipment will never be so cheap. In order to create your padel  team you will have endless products on offer to choose from among all of them the one that best suits your needs.

Another way to save is through our limited-time offers. In this way it is still more profitable to buy on the last Friday of November. Products that will be discounted to almost cost price so you can save the most on Pādel Nuestro's Black Friday.

Top brands with best discounts

As we have already mentioned, on Pādel Nuestro Black Friday you can find the best brands and the most sought after models of the year. A wide range of options to buy and save a large amount of money on your padel products

 Bullpadel, Adidas, Black Crown, Royal Padel, Siux and other brands with up to 85%

Pādel Nuestro and Bullpadel will delight padel lovers with super offers and bargains on the products of this firm. Thanks to this collaboration it is the right time to buy saving money on Bullpadel rackets. Some of the most outstanding offers are Bullpadel Hack 03, Hack Control 03, Vertex 03, and women's rackets such as the Vertex 03 Woman 19.

Adidas has also joined another year to this special day. One of the most prestigious firms worldwide in the world of sports will have great offers in padel rackets, rackets bags, sneakers, etc. All the products of the German firm with discounts of up to 80%.

The Black Crown rackets are without a doubt among the best on the market. Likewise, its extensive catalog makes all types of players interested in their padel rackets. Discover from rackets for players of the highest level to padel rackets for mid-level players. Therefore, we cannot miss the opportunity to include your rackets and products in this section. Rackets like the Black Crown Piton, Panther or Cobra will have incredible discounts.

However, this is not all, as we have already warned you this Black Friday is going to be special. Brands such as Royal Padel, Dunlop, Vibor-a, Asics will be other of our protagonists. On this day full of offers, rackets such as Dunlop Inferno, Hot or Royal Padel RP Aniversario will have discounts of.

Remember, if you are looking for the greatest savings Pādel Nuestro, a leader in the distribution of padel in Spain and Europe, is your best option. Don't be the last and get your padel rackets at the best price on the most anticipated Friday of the year.

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