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Babolat is a French company that has high quality padel rackets which are competitive in the market. It is a prestigious brand, founded in 1875 by Pierre Babolat and it is known to be pioneer in the padel world due to the fact that it paved its way into success by the elaboration of padel rackets. 
This brand has everything: The years of experience, the prestige and the style.

  • BABOLAT AIR VERON 2022, GOOD HANDLING Easier to handle thanks to its lightweight materials, the new ...
    £137.40 £200.08
  • BABOLAT AIR VIPER 2022, GREATER CONTROL We present you the Babolat Air Viper, which gives you maxim ...
    £164.37 £278.37
  • BABOLAT DYNA ENERGY 2023 THE PADDLE RACKET TO WIN THE NEXT GAME Babolat Dyna Energy 2023 is a racke ...
    £187.81 £208.78
  • BABOLAT COUNTER VIPER 2022, GREAT RESISTANCE We present you the incredible Babolat Counter Viper pa ...
    £181.81 £278.37
  • BABOLAT AIR VERON, BABOLAT COLLECTION 2021 We present one of the main novelties that Babolat brings ...
    £164.41 £191.38
  • Babolat Dyna Spirit 2023, for dynamic players looking for power Babolat Dyna Spirit 2023 is a teard ...
    £140.84 £156.58
  • BABOLAT TECHNICAL VERON, BABOLAT COLLECTION 2021 Meet one of the best power blades arriving for thi ...
    £147.01 £191.38
  • BABOLAT TECHNICAL VERTUO 2022, MAXIMUM POWER Greater ease of use thanks to the lightness and soft c ...
    £129.62 £130.48


  • A great Babolat Technical Viper Juan Lebron padel racket arrives at Padel Nuestro so that you can turn your game into an excellent competition. With top performance and a unique design, this padel racket will make you shine in every game.
  • The Babolat Air Veron 2023 is a top-performance padel racket that will provide you with dynamic power. Get it now!
  • Babolat Counter Vertuo 2022 - Stand out on the court with this Babolat padel racket for professional players.
    £129.62PVP £130.48
    1 %
  • Babolat Air Veron 2022 - Amazing design padel racket made of light materials that provide ease of use for better precision in hits.
    £137.40PVP £200.08
    31 %
  • Babolat Counter Veron 2022 - Padel racket is designed with lightweight materials that give you the ease of use to enjoy your training sessions and games without limits.
    £102.28PVP £200.08
    49 %
  • Babolat Technical Veron 2022 - Padel racket designed to give players greater control in each game. Greater power in your blows thanks to its hard carbon materials.
    £138.31PVP £200.08
    31 %
  • babolat reflex 2021 - This padel racket was made for beginner players. Diamond-shaped design with a wide sweet spot.
    £77.42PVP £86.99
    11 %
  • Babolat Air Viper 2022 - With a plus of power and handling to control the rival with fast movements and powerful shots. Multipurpose padel racket.
    £164.37PVP £278.37
    41 %
  • Do not miss the opportunity to try the new Babolat Stima Energy! A racket specially designed for women looking for maximum comfort.
  • New Babolat Dyna Energy 2023, for players with inexhaustible energy on the court who need a lightweight racquet to be efficient in the game.

    £187.81PVP £208.78
    10 %
  • Babolat Viper Carbon Victory Barcelona - A great padel racket intended for players who enjoy beating their rivals with their full power on the court.
  • Babolat Counter Viper 2022 - Balance between control and power with a higher sweet spot and medium balance. Ideal for advanced or intermediate level players.
    £181.81PVP £278.37
    35 %
  • Babolat Air Veron - This padel racket is part of the new 2021 collection. It is a hybrid design that offers great power and good control. Ideal for expert players.
    £164.41PVP £191.38
    14 %
  • Babolat Counter Veron - This season make this new paddle yours with an incredible design that will support you with the moves to be the champion.
    £164.41PVP £191.38
    14 %
  • Fresh from Babolat's range of lighter blades, the Stima Spirit offers good tolerance, comfort and great handling, get it now!

  • New Babolat Dyna Spirit 2023 for padel players who want an easy to handle racket with light weight and power hitting, come in and get yours!

    £140.84PVP £156.58
    10 %
  • Babolat Technical Veron - Get now this new Babolat power blade, an incredible design for high level players looking for great power and performance on the court.
    £147.01PVP £191.38
    23 %
  • Babolat Air Vertuo 2022 - Padel racket designed to provide comfort and ease of use thanks to the lightness offered by its carbon materials.
  • Babolat Technical Vertuo 2022 - Control, precision and power with this new racket racket designed with materials that give you comfort and lightness in each game.
    £129.62PVP £130.48
    1 %
  • Babolat Technical Vertuo 2021 - Get to the games and training of padel this new padel racket of great control.
    £129.62PVP £130.48
    1 %
  • Babolat Technical Vertuo - Enjoy the great design of this incredible padel racket perfect for maintaining control on the court.
    £129.62PVP £130.48
    1 %
  • Babolat Revenge Woman 2022 - This padel racket is ideal for professional padel players looking for standing out with style on the court.
    £120.92PVP £130.48
    7 %
  • Babolat Reflex - Amazing sensations of comfort while using the innovative Babolat padel racket made with the best quality materials.
    £103.52PVP £113.09
    8 %
  • Babolat Storm 2022 - Its top-quality materials will give you high comfort for an optimal game and ease of beating your rivals.
  • Babolat Reveal 2022 - Flexibility and lightness. Nice design and good quality.
  • Babolat Contact 2022 - It has the soft Eva rubber core. Nice design.
    £68.72PVP £69.59
    1 %
  • babolat storm 2021 - Get excellent performance on courts with this great design and quality racket, which will make you stand out while playing.
    £42.07PVP £69.59
    40 %
  • Babolat Viper Junior Black White - It provides high control but also good power. It features a round shape, a wide sweet spot and medium balance.
  • Babolat Defiance Woman 2022 - Thanks to its lightweight and soft materials (Eva Black foam and fiberglass) it will give you effortless comfort and power.
    £101.73PVP £113.09
    10 %
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