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    Start hitting with the new Adidas Match Light 3.2, an ultralight padel racket with which you will learn the best technique. With fiberglass faces.

    The Adidas Match Light 3.2 padel racket is ultra light.

    The new Adidas Match Light 3.2 is a padel racket that has a teardrop-shaped mold , with the weight slightly oriented towards the top, which favors a considerable increase in power in your plays. In addition, the sweet spot is in the center of the padel racket, so you will need to exert less force to get the best performance. You will be able to enjoy those attacking or more aggressive strokes from your first training session.

    It is an ideal unisex model for beginner level players who occasionally play padel and are looking for a lightweight padel racket that offers great performance in their first matches.

    With such a light weight of 345-360gr, the Match Light padel racket is the lightest racket in the Adidas Match line. This makes it a super versatile and easily manageable racquet for the player.

    A perfect playing tool for beginners

    The core of the racket composed of EVASoft Performance rubber, which combined with a fiberglass surface, make the Match Light 3.2 racket a great option for those casual players who are just starting to take their first steps in the world of padel. This is because it provides great comfort in each stroke and a great ball output.

    A padel racket that is out of the ordinary with a striking aesthetic.

    Like the rest of the Match range, the Match Light 3.2 racket includes Smart Holes Linear and StructuralReinforcement technologies, which help to extend the life of the racket, since thanks to the perimeter reinforcements, the racket becomes more resistant to impacts and torsion and, therefore, increases its durability.

    The new Match LighT 3.2 padel racket has a very striking and modern design, combining the colors pink and green, which evoke feelings of hope and tranquility and also lightens the mind so you can disconnect from the routine every time you play padel with your Match Light 3.2.

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