Padel and tennis shoes, the largest selection on the market with the largest discounts on the Internet, a selection of the best padel shoes that meet the needs of all players in terms of level and physical condition.

We have the most outstanding padel shoes deals of the 2021 season. If you are looking for the greatest savings on your sports shoes and the best service, we are the best option. In Padelnuestro we work with the best brands on the market and are authorized distributors of Bullpadel, Asics, New Balance, Wilson and Jhayber padel shoes. Mizuno, Siux, etc ..... If you have any doubts about which shoes to buy, give us a call and we will advise you perfectly.

We only think of you and your feet. Our team consists of former professional players who have dedicated themselves to padel tennis for the rest of their lives and therefore advise you professionally. Call us and we recommend the best padel shoes!

Padel shoes are one of the most important elements for the correct development of the game. Comfort and convenience during the game become essential for the player. Sudden movements, turns and jumps are common in every game.

We have to buy padel shoes that offer an optimal level of stability, grip and comfort. This way we can focus all of our attention on the game or training.

Padel shoes, the main brand on the market for players of all types

In our catalog for padel shoes you can find shoes for players of all levels, from beginners to advanced and professionals. At Padelnuestro you will find the models you need to play at the best price.

Padelnuestro shoes, Enjoy to play with!

Here you will find shoes with an extra design for maximum grip on the track of the field. The shoes offered on this website will give you security when playing on the court. But not only that, you will also be able to react faster to the opponent's setback through our offered models. Even with difficult and complicated balls you will notice the simplification, because you can achieve greater mobility with the padel shoes.

In brands like ASICS, we will be able to find innovative designs for padel players every year. Another brand that stands for quality and innovation every year is the not unknown manufacturer NIKE. The same Adidas that has successfully conquered the world of sports for several years and which we, as official dealers, have made available for you and are offered at the best price. Each year, these brands present us the most innovative models that are made for the benefit of all padel players.

Inexpensive padel tennis shoes made with high quality materials to ensure a long life

Innovative and high-strength materials are used in the manufacture of padel shoes to ensure the highest level of durability. Brands like Babolat in collaboration with Michelín show us the highest durability, stability and comfort on the padel and tennis market.

We will be able to choose between two types of soles in padel shoes, the clay sole, also known as the herringbone, or the omni sole, two main types of soles that are chosen by most players.

Wilson is another brand that has achieved maximum stability in sports thanks to its innovation. Thanks to the support of the Amplifeel, we have the ankle area at all times and thus achieve a comprehensive feeling of security and stability in every step.

We can also find shoes for the little ones on the court, padel tennis for children. Designed to ensure the correct development of junior players, with designs that are adapted to the taste of children.

The design of the new padel shoes

We currently find very attractive padel and tennis shoes with ideal designs for players and players. The designs and technologies used are also of high quality for cheap padel shoes. Brands compete to produce the best products at the best market price. Therefore, as we say, even cheap padel shoes offer excellent performance to the padel player. Every season, the systems that make up the sport are perfected to achieve greater comfort and durability on the track.

Striking designs, with striking colors such as fluorescent green or yellow, but also classic colors such as white or black, a whole range of variants that adapt to the taste of all and all padel players.

 Padel shoes, extensive catalog with the most incredible offers

In Padelnuestro, the widest catalog of shoes and accessories, you will find all models and brands that meet the needs of all players, from fans who give their first strokes to professional players who are looking for the greatest grip, stability and resistance.

If you don’t know which shoes to choose, don’t worry, we’ll leave you with a list of the most outstanding sports shoes available right now.

  • Bullpadel Hack Knit 201: the most outstanding model of the brand to date. Paquito Navarro's sports shoes come back renewed to guarantee the best performance on the track. This new model presents one of the new technologies of the Bullpadel firm for 2002, the hybrid sole. This novelty is one of the most outstanding for this season, the hybrid sole has different areas to improve the player's grip and movement on the court. It combines areas with a herringbone pattern to favor movement and micro-clips to increase traction. In addition, it has the Rotox system greatly improves the stability of sports shoes in turns.
  • Adidas Solematch Bounce: the new model of the firm has arrived at PadelNuestro. The best Adidas technologies and materials united in a model that will leave everyone speechless. Thanks to its TPU structure and the Bounce midsole, stability, cushioning and flex have improved. One of the best paddle shoes for this season.
  • Asics Gel Bela 7: the padel shoes worn by Fernado Belasteguín, now with a double gel system for a softer and more cushioned footprint. This model has also improved the rear, exactly the heel, to obtain a better fit. Likewise, the technologies that have been liked the most is the Trusstic system and the FlyteFoma midsole, the first technology has the mission of reinforcing the lateral areas and increasing the stability of the footwear, while the second material, has the function of increasing the response of the footwear at the time of take-off.
  • Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 Clay: sports that stand out for their comfort, stability and durability. Thanks to its technical mesh, it achieves good support and breathability. It is an ideal shoe for those looking for demanding players looking for the best performance on the court.
  • Babolat Jet Premura: If you are looking for high performance technologies, the Babolat Jet Premura are the best option. A shoe formed with the Clay sole for excellent traction. Thanks to its Flexion Concept sole, designed by the Michelin firm, it provides good grip in direction changes and an optimal response.

Now you know the most outstanding padel and tennis shoes. They are not all in this list, but they are the ones that promise the best performance for the 2021 season. Remember, if you are looking for the best bargains, we offer you the best selection with the lowest prices on the market.

Padel shoes with great stamina, made with high quality materials to ensure durability.

Choosing a good padel shoe shouldn't be a minor matter. A correct choice is important for the correct development of the game. They are an essential part that helps us to strengthen our game.

Aspects such as sole type, comfort, cushioning and durability are crucial for choosing your footwear.

Types of sole in padel shoes

At present, the brands bet mainly on three types of soles. Clay or herringbone sole, omni and mixed sole. Each type of sole offers us some characteristics and they are suitable for one surface or another.


  • Clay sole: it is the most used by professional players. Its remarkable qualities are its high durability, great ability to slide easily and a fantastic grip.
  • Omni sole: known to many as a dot sole. Very common on artificial turf tracks due to its high performance and grip. A negative factor, its durability in other paddle tennis courts is much lower.
  • Mixed sole: combination of the two previous soles. It is the type of sole that is obtaining more relevance thanks to the fact that it combines the qualities of the clay and omni sole. Provides great grip and allows you to slide with great ease.

Cushioning and comfort

Comfort is one of the most important factors. During the game we must be focused on each action, we cannot have our mind in other aspects. If some padel shoes are uncomfortable they will get our attention more than the game itself.

The firms work on each model so that its last, midsole and upper offer the greatest comfort in each movement. A quality midsole will provide a smooth but responsive ride to help the player produce faster movements.

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