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Padel rackets of the main brands in the market. The widest catalog that can be found on the net, the best padel rackets for players of all levels. In our extensive catalog of padel rackets we find rackets for beginners or advanced or professional players, and also for players looking for a versatile racket and of course, at the best price in a racket to start playing padel tennis.

Specialized store with the best discounts and offers padel rackets. Call us and you will take the best padel racket for your game, because we will advise you perfectly. Our advisors are former professional padel players and know what they are talking about. Check with them and they will offer you different alternatives according to your playing style and characteristics. In this way, you will only have to choose between those padel rackets that best suit you.

cheap padel rackets, variety of rackets for all levels of play

Cheap padel rackets. Catalog for players of any level or characteristics, do not hesitate to take a look at our models and their prices. On our website you will find all kinds of cheap paddle rackets. As you look for their weight, shape, control or power, you will find different models that will allow you to enjoy your games, taking them to the fullest.

If you need more control than power, or if on the contrary, you need to control where the ball will go, we have the padel racket you need. If you need a specific weight, you can find heavy and we know exactly how many grams they have, so that they adapt to you and not you to them.

How to choose our padel racket?

We all know that buying padel  racket is not easy. Sometimes we have different alternatives that can be adapted to our game. However, only the right choice will allow us to develop our greatest potential. Therefore, one of the factors that can influence our game is knowing how to choose our paddle racket.

For example, among the Varlion padel rackets we can find the Avant model, these being a type of diamond-shaped racket and aimed at advanced level players who want more power in their game.

If we analyze the most important brands, we see how Bullpadel is among those preferred by the most demanding users. With the new padel rackets launched in 2021 the brand has become a benchmark for the main brands.

With a well-differentiated catalog that covers the needs of all players, the brand can be used by the broadest set of players. Players who start playing, or professional players who demand the maximum performance in each of their strokes.

If we analyze the brand of paddle Siux, we will tell you that it is one of the best brands in the market, with Spanish manufacturing, and that we know that they use the best materials to manufacture their padel rackets, so its price is a bit higher, But what you pay for is worth it.

In the market there are brands that are currently coming out, that their rackets are costing € 95, € 99 and € 105. And those brands are selling that they are rackets the same as these brands like Bullpadel or Siux, and from here we tell you, NO. That is uncertain, since these € 95 rackets are of much worse quality.

We tell you because Carbonos has € 10, € 20, € 30, € 50, and iclusive, up to € 100 (only used in formula 1), but these new brands do not even use the € 10, The one they use is a Chinese carbon, which is much cheaper and of much worse quality. The Normal brands use the € 10, and Siux uses the € 30 carbon, which is the best carbon brand, and that is Textreme.

The most important thing when choosing a padel racket is to be clear about our needs. Professional players demand the characteristics that make their game the most effective. In the same way, novice players and begin to play should be clear about their limitations and know which racket is the one that will most benefit their game, and which one will be able to reach a better level in the shortest possible time.

New collections of padel rackets 2021

The 2021 season is full of surprises and very important changes in the rackets most sought after by the players of this sport. Firms such as Bullpadel, Nox, Babolat, Siux have already launched their new padel rackets and we will have more news soon. Among the padel rackets of 2021 we want to highlight the following models:


Bullpadel Hack 02 2021: It is characterized by its hybrid form, its power and performance. It is a racket that above all provides power but also a high level of control. Among its most innovative technologies we highlight the external core built with the new Tricarbon carbon. In the inner core it presents the new MultiEva rubber and the frame is designed with CarbonTube 100% carbon fiber. Another great novelty is the CustomWeight plate system to adapt the balance of the blade to the taste of the player.


Siux Pegasus Graphene 1K: The Pegasus line has been at the peak of success for several years. During these years it has been considered one of the best shovels in the world. Their planes are made of 1k carbon, as the name suggests. The 6K carbon twin-tube frame is one of the best technologies on the market and its mission is to improve the resistance of the blade, together with its new anti-vibration to reduce vibrations and avoid possible injuries. On the other hand, in the core it has the EVA Soft High Recovery rubber with 5 laminations to mitigate the impact at the moment of the hit and help the player to precise and improve control.


Nox ML10 Luxury Bahia: Known by paddle lovers as Miguel Lamperti's weapon. It is a highly versatile racket, with a teardrop shape and designed for the best paddle tennis players. Among its systems and technologies, it is necessary to highlight its AVS lateral anti-vibration system and its rough faces to implement a greater effect on the blows. This model contains the following materials; at the core the HR3 Core technology, the frame is 100% carbon and its faces contain the famous 12K Carbon.


Babolat Air Viper: Power in its purest form, the racket for attacking players looking to make a difference with their points. It is a racket that combines great technologies such as X-EVA, three different EVA layers adapted to this racket in a specific way. We continue with the 16K Carbon located in its planes, which makes it a lighter and more resistant paddle racket to go up with greater speed, precision and power. 3D Spin technology is responsible for providing great effect each hit. Finally, this model also has the Vibrabsorb system made with an elastomeric material integrated into the upper to provide greater comfort and safety.

A racket for every player, for all levels of play, style and budget

The novice player generally needs a low-weight, round-shaped racket. This way you can avoid injuries, and also, thanks to the wide sweet spot you can hit the ball more efficiently, making it easier to reach a better level of play.


At Padelnuestro we have the widest variety of padel rackets and rackets on the market, the main brands and models where you can choose the one that best suits each player. Also with the tightest price policy, and with the entire price range, from cheap rackets with which to start playing, as well as the best and best valued on the market.

The best-selling padel rackets of the previous season

At Padel Nuestro we have the best-selling padel rackets of the whole year. The most important padel rackets of the entire season are waiting for you. In the sport of the four walls, having the right equipment is essential to develop a complete game. Having a good rackets can help you win a match, therefore, in this space we present the best-selling padel rackets of the previous year.


The most popular padel rackets in our online store come from the firms Bullpadel, Siux, Adidas, Babolat and Head. There are other brands such as Star Vie, Black Crown, Orygen, Wingpadel, etc. that also have their audience and represent a good share of sales. However, the padel rackets listed below carry the bulk of the transactions.


The padel rackets Adidas Adipower ATTK 1.9, Bullpadel Hack, Siux Origen Pro, Head Graphene 360 Alpha Pro and Babolat Viper Carbon have all been "super sales". These "padel weapons" stand out for being made with high quality materials. They also have the latest technologies to offer the padel player the best sensations during their matches. Now you know which rackets to choose for your matches, because having the right material is important to be able to develop and squeeze your full potential.


Palas de padel más vendidas

What has been the best padel racket 2020?

Among the best padel rackets are the Siux Pegasus Graphene Black, considered by the experts the most complete on the market. With spectacular punch, control and ball exit. It also stands out for its elegant and spectacular design.


We also highlight the Bullpadel Hack 02 among the entire catalog, with spectacular power and performance. Considered one of the best rackets of the season.

Among the most sought after and purchased rackets from other brands we can highlight the Nox AT10 Luxury Genius, the Agustín Tapia racket, the new Babolat such as the Viper Carbon, the Adidas Adipower 2.0 padel racket or the Head Graphene 360 Alpha Motion V.


For padel players this season they have great options for their padel matches or training. For them, we are going to highlight the Nox MJ10 Luxury model, the Majo Sánchez shovel, the new Adidas Realpower Woman 2.0. Both models very different but very similar when it comes to performance.

Types of padel rackets and factors to consider in our choice

In the market we can find different types of rackets and padel rackets. We don't always know what padel  racket we need to get our best game. At present, there are many brands that have extensive catalogs formed by a large number of models. Each firm has different types of rackets but they have in common several aspects, shape, materials and technologies.

To know exactly what types of rackets fit our style of play, we must be aware of two things. First, we must know what are the different types of rackets that we can find on the Internet. Second, know what our style of play is. It is not the same to be offensive than a defensive player, who stands out for his good position and ability to return the ball, even in those more complicated actions.

  • Shape:
    The rackets are classified in three ways: tear, Diamond or round, differing mainly in the location of the sweet spot (the wider the sweet spot, the better control and power is achieved in each stroke) At the same time, depending on its shape , will be configured with a higher balance (tear) and a lower balance (round), taking into account how the weight is distributed in the head.
  • Size:
    The rackets can have different sizes according to their measurements. In the market there are oversize rackets, of classic and medium size. Oversize rackets have a larger hit zone. These types of rackets are good for those defensive players. The classic size stands out for its small surface area for striking. Finally, the average size is the most popular and many brands combine this measure to get rackets with a high level of control and power. Normally, they are balanced rackets.
  • Materials and technology:
    In the manufacturing process of paddle rackets, various materials are used such as carbon, fiberglass, kevlar, graphite, EVA rubber, FOAM ... that are superimposed on different layers, managing to configure a racket, with more or less durability, sweet spot, and determining its quality.

The choice of padel racket is vital to achieve a perfect and balanced performance in our game, even to avoid injuries to the arm. We have to take into account factors such as our level, physical conditions, type of game, age etc.

  1. Game Level:
    They are classified in the levels of initiation, intermediate and professional-competition differing in the price and of course in the materials of manufacture and technology and innovations applied. Depending on whether you start playing padel tennis or on the contrary you are a veteran on the court.
  2. Control and power:
    Each player shows a different type of game on the court, depending on their technique and handling, they will be interested in using a type of racket based and configured to show optimum precision in each stroke or to continue to maximize each stroke, there are also rackets that They show a perfect balance between power and control.

What is the difference between a round racket and a teardrop or diamond racket?

As already mentioned, the round rackets were designed for greater control of the ball in the match. Therefore, round rackets are usually control rackets.

The tear or diamond rackets, a priori, would be designed for a more aggressive game. Models like the Bullpadel Hack 02 or the Adidas Adipower 2.0 are exponents of this type of shapes and style of play. Although these models can be for advanced padel  players and some models have a high price for an initiation or intermediate padel player, you can also buy cheap padel rackets on our website.

Can men's rackets adapt to padel players?

In most cases, the difference lies in the weight of the racket. For example, the Siux Pegasus Lady racket and the Siux Pegasus range from 360 to 380 grams. Although the variation in weight is not excessive, professional players and padel players can opt for one weight or another depending on their game, type of track, weather, altitude etc.

In any case, a racket is valid for both men and women if what we want is to start or enjoy the practice of padel tennis.

Hard rackets or soft rackets, which one should you choose?

During your training or Padel games you will have heard your teammates say that the soft racket is better than a hard racket or on the contrary, you will also have heard or read that according to the time of year one racket offers better sensations than another. This is totally true, since there are harder and softer rackets that can be altered by temperatures. In addition, the weather ends up significantly influencing the ball out and, above all, our game.

In this section we will discover what their main differences are and when to choose a hard racket or a soft racket.

  • Hard rackets: Medium density Padel rackets are characterized by offering greater control and power in each hit. Among its advantages we can mention, first of all, the sweet point is lower and, secondly, the sensations transmitted to the player are more secure.

    The hard rackets are ideal in summer, since the heat will soften its materials and provide a much more optimal ball output. In this way, the balance and flexibility of the racket will be much greater and easier to control each exit. Also, hard rackets give us more control.
    This type of Padel  racket is ideal for players with a medium level, with an offensive playing style and, above all, for those who play backwards. If you meet these characteristics, the best racket for you are hard Padel rackets.


  • Soft rackets: These rackets provide greater ball output and excellent shock absorption at the time of hitting. In summary, they provide the player with greater efficiency in the exit and in mitigating the impact. This is due to two factors: a softer rubber has greater flexibility and affects the exit of the ball and, on the other hand, by mitigating the impact the vibrations are reduced. Thanks to this, it increases the comfort of the racket and avoids or reduces possible elbow injuries.

    Soft rackets are more appropriate for the cold months. The main reason is that low temperatures harden the rubber. As we have already mentioned, this type of Padel racket makes the ball output as perfect as possible, with less energy from the player the ball is dismissed exceptionally. It should also be known that in summer the qualities of this racket are reduced by high temperatures, since, perhaps you can lose an apex of hardness and this will be noticed in our game.

    Rackets made of low density rubber, that is, soft rackets are perfect for those who start practicing this wonderful sport, also for those with a medium level and good technique that base their game on placement and cunning.

  • Medium hard rackets: This would be one of the options that more followers are harvesting in recent years.
    Due to the appearance of new technologies and materials such as EVA Soft rubber, these rackets have a density that lies between the EVA rubber and FOAM.

Recommendation of Padel Nuestro. For those amateur or amateur players, having a racket for all ages is the most appropriate alternative. However, those looking for the best performance and an excellent game have two rackets for each season (winter and summer) is the best option.


  • ADIDAS ESSNOVA 2.0, A POWER SHOVEL Introducing the ADIDAS Essnova 2.0 Power Paddle, a paddle design ...
    1.314,46kr 2.022,25kr
  • ADIDAS ESSNOVA CTRL 2.0, GREATER BALL ROTATION Jump into the court with this high-end ADIDAS Essnov ...
    1.314,46kr 2.022,25kr
  • BLACK CROWN PITON 5.0 Racket Presentation Black Crown Piton 5.0 padel racket designed to guarantee ...
    1.192,09kr 2.385,21kr
  • BULLPADEL VERTEX X-LINE, GOOD POWER  Check out the high performance and catch the eye with the ...
    1.441,50kr 2.850,85kr
    1.648,91kr 2.644,48kr
    1.555,06kr 3.940,79kr
  • ADIDAS PRO CARBON CTRL GOLD, EXCLUSIVE DESIGN PADEL RACKET Conquer the most important padel ma ...
    1.555,06kr 3.940,79kr
  • ADIDAS ESSNOVA CARBON 2.0, COMFORT AND LIGHTWEIGHT The adidas Essnova Carbon 2.0 is a diamond shape ...
    1.234,09kr 2.384,70kr
    2.722,26kr 3.888,94kr
  • STARVIE RAPTOR PRO, BEST PERFORMANCE Jump onto the track with the best performance offered by the s ...
    2.177,29kr 3.111,15kr
  • Pade racket Enebe Aerox Carbon 7.2 2015 The Enebe Aerox Carbon 7.2 2015 is an evolution of the succ ...
    1.446,68kr 2.893,37kr
  • VIBORA YARARA EDITION 2019, LIQUID TECHNOLOGY Vibora Yarara Edition 2019 padel racket is desig ...
    2.229,14kr 3.733,38kr
  • VIBORA BLACK MAMBA EDITION 2019 Vibora Black Mamba Editions 2019 padel racket has been designe ...
    2.021,73kr 3.422,26kr
  • DUNLOP SKIN ATTACK G1 NH NEGRO AMARILLO, LIGERA Y DE GRAN CONTROL Lleva a todos tus entrenamientos ...
    1.036,53kr 1.866,69kr
  • VIBOR-A MAMBA BLACK SERIES 1K Shovel description The Vibora Mamba Black Series 1k is one of the ...
    2.405,44kr 3.577,82kr
  • SIUX DIABLO MATTE 2015 Racket Presentation The new Siux Diablo 2015 arrives with great news regard ...
    2.582,25kr 4.355,61kr
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  • ADIDAS Essnova 2.0 - A potency padel racket made of carbon fibres that guarantee the best performance, as well as excellent power and comfort during matches.
    1.314,46krPVP 2.022,25kr
    35 %
  • Nox At10 Genius 21 BY Agustin tapia - Experience the best comfort on the padel court with this soft touch, high performance padel racket.
    2.535,59krPVP 2.986,70kr
    15 %
  • Nox ML10 Bahia Luxury series - Stand out on the padel court with this Nox padel racket manufactured with the best materials on the market.
    2.535,59krPVP 2.986,70kr
    15 %
  • Nox ML10 Shotgun Luxury Series - Take a look at this Nox padel racket, a design from the new Nox 2021 collection that arrives to offer the best performance in the game.
    2.535,59krPVP 2.986,70kr
    15 %
  • Nox MJ10 Luxury by majo Sanchez Alayeto - Stand out with the best comfort and convenience on the court with this Nox padel racket of modern design.
  • Nox ML10 Pro Cup 10TH Anniversary - A racket that is characterized by its original design is a padel racket in a special edition, which was developed for a control game.
    1.441,50krPVP 2.281,51kr
    37 %
  • Nox Stinger 10TH Aniversario - A special edition racket that has the task of celebrating the 10 years of Nox, Nox made this racket, versatile.
    1.441,50krPVP 2.281,51kr
    37 %
  • ADIDAS Essnova Ctrl 2.0 - Stand out in padel tournaments with the new adidas padel racket designed with the best in-game performance.
    1.314,46krPVP 2.022,25kr
    35 %
  • Black Crown Piton 5.0 padel racket with renewed design, a new evolutuion Piton which will not disappoint you for sure
    1.192,09krPVP 2.385,21kr
    50 %
  • Nox Attraction Pro P.6 WPT - Potency padel racket for hitting players who love potency. With the best materials and technologies.
    777,68krPVP 1.648,91kr
    53 %
  • ADIDAS Carbon CTRL 2.0 - Get this high performance padel racket, ideal for the more adventurous player looking for great comfort, control and spin on every shot.
    1.648,91krPVP 2.644,48kr
    38 %
  • ADIDAS Carbon Pro Attack Platinum - Get now this Adidas power padel racket, an exclusive model from the 2020 collection that comes to give you great power in each hit.
    1.555,06krPVP 3.940,79kr
    61 %
  • ADIDAS Pro Carbon Ctrl gold - You can now get this control padel racket from the new Adidas 2020 collection, an exclusive design ideal for high-level players. Great control and precision.
    1.555,06krPVP 3.940,79kr
    61 %
  • ADIDAS Essnova Carbon 2.0 - Take the field with your full equipment and catch the eye with this powerful adidas padel racket.
    1.234,09krPVP 2.384,70kr
    48 %
  • StarVie Metheora Warrior - Incredible quality paddle that was created for expert players to enjoy control and power on the paddle court.
    2.722,26krPVP 3.888,94kr
    30 %
  • Star Vie Raptor Pro -
    2.177,29krPVP 3.111,15kr
    30 %
  • Nox AT10 Luxury Genius - This Nox padel racket impresses with aesthetics and comfort and was developed for advanced players who are looking for a high quality racket.
    2.488,40krPVP 2.986,70kr
    17 %
  • Bullpadel Vertex 2 woman - Defend your elbows from injury with the new Bullpadel padel racket manufactured with a system that helps reduce vibration caused by impact.
    1.243,94krPVP 1.969,88kr
    37 %
  • NOX ML10 PRO CUP SILVER - Already available in your padel online store the 2019 Nox raquet collection. The best designs with the best technical perks and maximum quality.
    1.938,76krPVP 2.281,51kr
    15 %
  • NOX ML10 PRO CUP - New Nox control, the racket totally designed by the top player Miguel Lamperti. A model that belongs to Noxs 2018 racket collection. Made of carbon in the frame and fibreglass in the faces.
    1.918,02krPVP 2.281,51kr
    16 %
  • ADIDAS Adipower CTRL 2.0 - Great model that will offer you extraordinary comfort.
    2.063,21krPVP 3.525,97kr
    41 %
  • ADIDAS Adipower Soft 2.0 - Padel racket made with quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies that provide excellent power and great comfort during play.
    2.270,62krPVP 3.525,97kr
    36 %
  • The Enebe Aerox Carbon 7.2 2015 is a top quality NB padel racket with all the brands features. A new control blade for 2015.
    1.446,68krPVP 2.893,37kr
    50 %
  • Bullpadel raider ctr - Get the most out of your game to enjoy these super bullpadel offers
  • ADIDAS Power Woman 2.0 - Take this wonderful padel racket made especially for perfectionist women who are looking for precision.
    829,12krPVP 2.374,84kr
    65 %
  • Bullpadel Vertex 02 - Capture the glances in your most important paddle training with the eye-catching and bodly designed Bullpadel Man padel racket.
    1.969,88krPVP 2.851,37kr
    31 %
  • Vibora Yarara Edition 2019 - Attract everyones eyes on the court with the daring and modern design of this Vibora padel racket, designed with stupendous quality resistant materials.
    2.229,14krPVP 3.733,38kr
    40 %
  • Black Crown Masai Control | Discover the new Masai Control, one of the most awaited novelties by Black Crown. Comfortable with a fresh design.
    1.441,50krPVP 2.074,10kr
    31 %
  • Dunlop Sonic - Take to the court with this Dunlop paddle, a model full of versatility ideal for advanced to professional level paddle players.
    725,42krPVP 1.866,69kr
    61 %
  • Bullpadel Hack | If youre looking to renovate your racquet and cant find one to better perform your best game style, we introduce you the new Bullpadel.
    1.865,65krPVP 3.058,78kr
    39 %
  • Vibora Black Mamba Edition 2019 | this padel racket stands out for its incredible design and aesthetic, the best quality and recent benefits to improve performance on the court.
    2.021,73krPVP 3.422,26kr
    41 %
  • Dunlop Skin Attack G1 NH Negro Amarillo - Compite con mucha ligereza sin perder el control dentro de la pista de padel.
    1.036,53krPVP 1.866,69kr
    44 %
  • black mamba black 1k - Amazing price for this padel racket with free gift included
    2.405,44krPVP 3.577,82kr
    33 %
  • Star Vie Metheora Warrior | This racquet is ideal for players who seek adaptability and comfortable management, thanks to its format and manufacturing materials that favour performance.
    1.856,32krPVP 3.940,69kr
    53 %
  • Nox NX 2.0 - One of the best control padel rackets for advanced players who seek maximum quality, benefits and technology.
    1.026,68krPVP 2.986,70kr
    66 %
  • Vibora Yarara Black Series 1k - Experience comfort in paddleball matches with this high-end paddle for professional players.
    2.722,26krPVP 3.888,94kr
    30 %
  • Dunlop Renegade Soft - Get eyes on your important paddle games with this Dunlop paddle made with a modern design
    621,71krPVP 1.348,16kr
    54 %
  • The Siux Diablo 2015 is the new model of the well-considered best padel racket in the world, a model with aesthetic news.
    2.582,25krPVP 4.355,61kr
    41 %
  • Dunlop Nemesis - This Dunlop padel racket is designed with stupendous quality resistant materials and technologies at the best price of the online web.
    1.414,74krPVP 3.007,44kr
    53 %
  • Siux Black Coal Shiny Effect | One of those racquets that won't go unnoticed for the capacities it offers to develop yourself as a player.
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