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    Siux Diablo Fuchsia 2.0, incredible padel racket in every point. It is a new version of one of the best padel rackets in the world.

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    Racket Presentation

    Siux Diablo Fuchsia 2.0, new model of the so-called the best padel racket in the world. It changes of design with the best efficiency in every point. It is an exceptional padel racket.

    Type of player

    It is a padel racket thought for high level players. Its efficiency is unbeatable. It is a padel racket with low weight, perfect both for women or men. It is a padel racket with amazing performance in every point.

    Technical Characteristics

    It is made with tear-drop shape. It has a profile of 38 millimetres. Its weight is usually around 350-365 grammes. 

    It has been made completely of carbon fiber, both on the faces and into the frame. The core is made of soft EVA gum.

    It is a padel racket which is characterised by its great comfort, it is perfect for players with some problems on their elbows. Or players who usually play several matches per week.

    Design and colours

    Renewed design, in black, blue and fuchsia. Also in carbon. It is a padel racket which transmits high quality.

    Racket summary

    Siux Diablo Fuchsia 2.0 renewed design on one of the best padel rackets of the market. It is a padel racket to improve in your game from the first moment. High Siux Padel Quality.


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