Wingpadel is one of the strongest brands of padel, as its padel rackets stand out for their exceptional performance in all points, includes models that suit all types of games of different levels of players. Among its famous models we can find padel rackets with characteristics such as power, control or those with a balance between control and power.

Among the main models are padel rackets such as Wingpadel Air Attack Alvaro Cepero, a balanced racket that is characterized by its power and control. You can also find a powerful padel racket like the Wing Padel Air Force Gold, or a padel racket that provides control and precision over the ball like the Wingpadel Air Cyclone 2.0.


  • WINGPADEL AIR VAPOR 2.0 GREEN With the new Wingpadel Air Vapor 2.0 Green, you can enjoy exquisite s ...
    350,00€ 350,00€
  • WINGPADEL AIR VAPOR GREEN Racket Presentation Wingpadel Air Vapor Green, a padel racket with amazi ...
    139,00€ 350,00€
  • WINGPADEL AIR FORCE 2.0 The Wingpadel Air Force 2.0 is created in the shape of a teardrop with a wi ...
    350,00€ 350,00€


  • Wingpadel Air Vapor 2.0 Green - Dispute your matches with the best quality material, as this new Wingpadel control is. Directed to high-level or professional players. Already available in your favourite online padel store.
    350,00€PVP 350,00€
  • Wingpadel Air Attack 2.0 | Feel the potency in your hand with this padel racket. It is made for advanced level players. Diamond shaped.
    350,00€PVP 350,00€
  • Wingpadel Air Cyclone 2.0 | It is a high quality padel racket, is very durable and was created for players who are at an advanced level.
  • The Wingpadel Air Vapor Green has been made of high quality materials, its design is spectacular and its efficiency is unbeatable.
    139,00€PVP 350,00€
    60 %
  • Wingpadel Air Force 2.0 | Get this padel racket and enjoy your padel matches comfortably. It is ideal for demanding players.
    350,00€PVP 350,00€
  • Wingpadel Air Strom 2 | A polyvalent padel racket that provides comfort to the padel players during the match.
    350,00€PVP 350,00€
  • Wingpadel Air Combat 2.0 - Get at very good price this Wingpadel padel racket for those who want control and power. It has a carbon and kevlar structure that gives a great durability.
  • Wingpadel Air Raptor | Padel racket which is characterised by its comfort and high quality. It has an incredible price.
  • Wingpadel Air Hunter | Polyvalent padel racket with medium balance which gives control and potency in every hit.
  • Wingpadel Air Vapor 2.0 Fuchsia | Model of the new 2018 racket collection for women of one of the reference firms in the padel world, Wingpadel.
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Wingpadel also has padel rackets that adapt to the needs of the players, thanks to its design and behaviour in terms of control and power, for example the Wingpadel Air Vapor 2.0 Fuchsia is a perfect padel racket that adapts to women's games.


All models feature a unique design, made with the highest quality materials and great handling, and they provide amazing efficiency. These padel rackets are durable because they stay in perfect condition for long periods of time.


Wingpadel padel rackets are high quality rackets, the brand has an impressive strength in the world of padel, managing, in a short time, to position itself as one of the most important brands of padel.