The Wilson padel rackets are high quality products  with an elaboration which cares about all the details. The Wilson padel rackets are led to amateur players but also to professional ones of every game level and at amazing prices. The company equip its padel rackets with innovative materials both in their heads and their core. For instance, carbon is always included in some of their models such as Wilson Carbon Force which is equipped by high quality rubber and a graphite frame.


  • WILSON BLADE TOUR The new Wilson Blade Tour is a versatile model that provides the best sensations ...
    215,95€ 270,00€
  • WILSON BLADE BLACK GREEN Wilson Blade Black Green has been created for the most advanced or interme ...
    143,95€ 250,00€
  • WILSON BLADE Do you already know the new Wilson Blade? This spectacular racket is ideal for players ...
    143,95€ 250,00€
  • WILSON CARBON FORCE BLUE 2017 The new Wilson Carbon Force 2017 is versatile padel racket that provi ...
    89,95€ 249,00€
  • WILSON CARBON FORCE PRO PADEL NEGRO VERDE The Wilson Carbon Force Pro padel black green is made of ...
    87,50€ 229,99€
  • WILSON CARBON FORCE LITE WHITE RED The Wilson Carbon force Lite white red is the best padel racket ...
    84,70€ 219,99€
  • WILSON CARBON FORCE PADDLE GREEN BLACK The Wilson Carbon Force paddle green and black is an excelle ...
    89,00€ 179,99€
  • WILSON SLASH LITE PADEL BLACK BLUE The Wilson Slash Lite Padel black blue is a light padel racket, ...
    69,00€ 109,99€
  • WILSON STRIKER BLUE Feel control in the game with the new Wilson Striker Blue: a comfortable, moder ...
    59,95€ 100,00€
  • WILSON STRIKER RED Do you know the new Wilson Striker Red? This control padel racket has a bold des ...
    59,37€ 100,00€


  • Wilson Pro Staff Tour Padel black red | This Wilson padel racket will be your best ally on the padel court thanks to its incredible design and great benefits.
    195,00€PVP 299,99€
    35 %
  • 190,95€PVP 280,00€
    32 %
  • Wilson Blade Tour - Get comfortable on the court with this new Wilson racket, a lightweight model that is easy to handle and adapt to from the first day. Get it now at the best price in your favorite padel online store.
    215,95€PVP 270,00€
    20 %
  • Wilson Blade 2018 Black Green | Padel racket for the most demanding players, providing them with comfort potency and comfort in each shot.
    143,95€PVP 250,00€
    42 %
  • Wilson Blade | If you are a player with intermediate or expert level and you are looking for a racket that provides superb power and exceptional control on the court, this new Wilson is what you need. Enjoy each game like never before.
    143,95€PVP 250,00€
    42 %
  • Wilson Carbon Force Blue 2017 | Wilson improved padel racket version. It is a padel racket of a great control and balance, it is perfect for high level padel players.
    89,95€PVP 249,00€
    64 %
  • Wilson Carbon Force 2016 Padel racket focused on advanced padel players who want to control their points.
    84,95€PVP 249,00€
    66 %
  • Wilson Carbon Force Smart | This padel racket of the Wilson brand offers the best benefits and technologies to improve performance on the padel court.
    149,47€PVP 230,00€
    35 %
  • Wilson Carbon Force Pro Padel black green | high quality padel racket, it is very light and made of high quality carbon.
    87,50€PVP 229,99€
    62 %
  • Wilson Carbon Force Lite red white |The wilson padel racket is made of carbon fiber, it is vert light and tough.
    84,70€PVP 219,99€
    61 %
  • Wilson Carbon Force Pro | This Wilson padel racket offers the best benefits with a sophisticated and attractive design that without a doubt will make you stand out on the court.
    143,45€PVP 210,00€
    32 %
  • Wilson Carbon Force Lite Whit Grey | this Wilson padel racket has been designed with light weight to experience the best sensations and comfort in its use.
    116,95€PVP 180,00€
    35 %
  • Wilson Carbon Force Paddle green black | The Wilson green black padel racket is made of carbon fiber, it is very light.
  • Wilson Slash Lite Padel black blue | A very light padel racket which is made of carbon fiber and Foam to avoid vibrations.
    69,00€PVP 109,99€
    37 %
  • Wilson Striker blue | If you're a defensive player with a low or medium level on the court, the new Wilson racket will be among your favourites this season. It catches attention to its quality and irresistible price.
    59,95€PVP 100,00€
    40 %
  • Wilson Striker Red | Enjoy padel at the best price with this exceptional control racket. Elaborated with great quality, resistant and light raw materials. Rebellious design with aggressive airs.
    59,37€PVP 100,00€
    41 %
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The brand Wilson has known how to develop a whole set of cheap padel rackets for every kind of public. Including highly efficient padel rackets, special for professional players. All them at an incredible price which call everyone's attention because of their characteristics. If you are a padel player who looks for high quality equipment, do not hesitate any longer and choose the model which best fits to your necessities and likes. Wilson, with its own design, has power and control padel rackets for beginner and professional players.

At Padelnuestro we have expert which can give you advice so that you can choose the padel racket which best fit to your type of game, contact us so that we can solve all your doubts.

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