The last models of padel rackets by the brand Volkl, the German enterprise works to manufacture sports material of high quality, you will find them in, where you will be able to achieve the best price. It was founded in 1923, it worries about crafting lond durability products and implementing the most meaning advances for the sports people who trust the brand.

  • VOLKL DEMON 2016 Racket presentation Volkl Demon 2016, an even balanced padel racket with mid bala ...
    179,00€ 260,00€
  • VOLKL DEMON SPECIAL EDITION, CONTROL AND POTENCY Stand out in your training or padel matches with t ...
    208,50€ 245,00€
  • VOLKL NITRO CARBON 2016 Racket Presentation Volkl Nitro Carbon 2016, padel racket made of the best ...
    139,95€ 240,00€
  • VOLKL VOLCANO The spectacular Volkl Volcano black orange padel racket offers great performance in t ...
    203,00€ 239,00€
  • Volkl Titanium has an oversize round format, a frame built in bidirectional carbon and carbon hit su ...
    79,95€ 229,00€
  • Volkl Carbon Titanium has a diamond format, a frame built in bidirectional carbon and carbon hit sur ...
    99,00€ 220,00€
  • Carbon POWERMAX Frame Reinforced, special Volkl structure reinforced with carbon for more resistance ...
    49,00€ 169,00€
  • Volkl Nitro 4 with a tear shape, a frame built in bidirectional carbon and carbon hit surface, 38 mm ...
    69,95€ 159,00€
  • VOLKL V-IRON 97 BLUE Be surprised by the new Volkl V-Iron 97 Blue, a padel racket to offer greater ...
    126,90€ 149,00€
  • VOLKL V-IRON 98 BLACK Do you already know the new Volkl V-Iron 98 Black? It is a control padel rack ...
    126,90€ 149,00€
  • VOLKL ALPHA 2016 Volkl Alpha 2016 is a padel racket with Volkl's quality at the best price, a femin ...
    122,00€ 140,00€
  • VOLKL OMEGA 2016 Volkl Omega 2016 is a padel racket with a good performance in all game situations, ...
    122,00€ 140,00€
  • Ciclope has an oversize diamond format, a frame built in bidirectional carbon and surface hit in bid ...
    54,95€ 119,00€
  • VOLKL NITRO 36 Ideal padel racket for beginner players who are starting in this sport. It's a light ...
    34,95€ 60,00€


  • Volkl Demon 2016 is balanced padel racket with an amazing relation between quality and price. Enjoy playing padel with this padel racket.
    179,00€PVP 260,00€
    31 %
  • Volkl Demon Carbon | Just arrived from its new collection, a control racket with extra potency, offering defensive gameplay with attack touches. Get some polyvalence for experienced players. Elegant design.
    208,50€PVP 245,00€
    15 %
  • Volkl Demon Special Edition - Attract everyones eyes with this padel racket destined to the most demanding padel players that seek a padel racket with high benefits.
    208,50€PVP 245,00€
    15 %
  • Völkl Nitro Carbon Plus | Polyvalence in pure state, thats how this new Volkl is introduced. A ruthless racket for the most demanding players in the game field. Created om 100% carbon, it gest a firm structure, rigid and with extra resistance.
    208,50€PVP 245,00€
    15 %
  • Volkl Nitro Carbon 2016 , it is a padel racket of an outstanding control and power performance on each point.
    139,95€PVP 240,00€
    42 %
  • Volkl Volcano - Comfortable racket with excellent performance that provides you with more security on the court, plus it displays a marvellous design.
    203,00€PVP 239,00€
    15 %
  • Volkl Titanium padel racket is Volkl's crown jewel. Pure potency at the reach of few players.
    79,95€PVP 229,00€
    65 %
  • Volkl Carbon TI padel racket has an otherworldly punch. Volkl Carbon, your great choice.
    99,00€PVP 220,00€
    55 %
  • Volkl Glamour 2013 padel racket has cosmetics that'll hypnotize you.
    49,00€PVP 169,00€
    71 %
  • Volkl Nitro 4 padel racket is the perfect evolution of the Nitro 3, potency and control in one single padel racket.
    69,95€PVP 159,00€
    56 %
  • Volkl V-Iron 97 Blue | The Volkls new design is spectacular in blue colour and yellow details. Besides, it provides amazing performance in the most complicated points, offering greater control.
    126,90€PVP 149,00€
    15 %
  • Volkl V-Iron 98 Black - If you're an intermediate level padel players and want to enjoy extraordinary precision in each hit, the new Volkl is for you. Dispute your matches with maximum comfort with this padel racket.
    126,90€PVP 149,00€
    15 %
  • Volkl V-Iron 96 Pink - Dispute your most intense matches with the new Volkl racquet, a control model created for intermedium level players that seek to hit with the maximum precision each ball.
    126,90€PVP 149,00€
    15 %
  • Volkl Alpha 2016, feminine padel racket with a great performance in control and potency, with the best Volkl quality and a polyvalent padel racket at the best price.
    122,00€PVP 140,00€
    13 %
  • Volkl Omega 2016 is a balanced padel racket that stands out for its good performance in control hits but also in potency, a quality padel racket at the best price.
    122,00€PVP 140,00€
    13 %
  • Volkl Ciclope POWERED WITH CARBON CORE -> Special structure in the padel racket's core with a calculated design to offer more potency.
    54,95€PVP 119,00€
    54 %
  • Volkl Lima padel racket TWIN MADE SYSTEM -> System that manufactures the padel racket in two stages. In the first one, the frame's structure is made and, in the second phase, the EVA rubber is adapted.
    64,95€PVP 109,00€
    40 %
  • Volkl Impact 2 padel racket is ideal for players seeking balance between control and potency.
    34,95€PVP 105,00€
    67 %
  • Volkl Nitro 36 is an ideal padel racket for starting in this sport. You can already get it on Padel Nuestro.
    34,95€PVP 60,00€
    42 %
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