Star Vie Padel rackets are wonderful, not only for its original design, have a unique quality thanks to their materials,  its latest technologies in each of their models. Are manufactured in Spain 100%. This brand has many great reasons for each Star Vie racket is registered by their fans as one of the best as soon as they buy it. Each Star Vie padel rackets has its own stamp.

  • STAR VIE CARBON PRO 9.1 SOFT BLUE Padel racket presentation Star Vie Carbon Pro 9.1 Soft blue, the ...
    139,95€ 375,00€
  • STAR VIE CARBON PRO 9.1 SOFT RED Padel racket presentation Comes to our store a novelty that'll le ...
    149,95€ 375,00€
    278,99€ 309,99€
  • STARVIE ALUMINIUM 2020, MANAGEABILITY At the heart of the blade is the Full Balance system, which p ...
    234,00€ 260,00€
  • STARVIE BRAVA BLACK EDITION, GREATER PRECISION It was conceived for advanced players who seek a gre ...
    224,95€ 250,00€
  • STAR VIE TITANIA Racket presentation Star Vie Titania - A padel racket made for control and power ...
    128,83€ 194,99€


  • Star Vie Metheora Warrior | This racquet is ideal for players who seek adaptability and comfortable management, thanks to its format and manufacturing materials that favour performance.
    238,89€PVP 379,99€
    37 %
  • STAR VIE CARBON PRO 9.1 SOFT BLUE | You can already buy in your Europe number one online padel store this new Star Vie padel racket with exclusive design.
    139,95€PVP 375,00€
    63 %
  • StarVie Metheora Warrior - Amazing quality paddle that was created for expert players to enjoy control and power on the paddle court.
    337,00€PVP 375,00€
    10 %
  • STAR VIE CARBON PRO 9.1 SOFT RED | High-range padel racket for professional or intermediate players with good technique. Comfortable, manageable and with a striking design.
    149,95€PVP 375,00€
    60 %
  • StarVie Basalto Gravity - Perteneciente a la gama Premiun de StarVie, la pala Basalto Gravity es una pala que se caracteriza por ser altamente duradera.
    278,95€PVP 310,00€
    10 %
  • Star Vie Aluminium -Padel racquet for advanced players. Made with carbon and aluminium. It is of excellent quality.
    199,00€PVP 309,99€
    36 %
  • Star Vie Basalto 19 - Get this magnificent high-performance racquet designed to provide you with more precision and comfort inside the court.
    199,00€PVP 309,99€
    36 %
  • StarVie Brava Carbon Soft Aluminium LTD - You can already get this exclusive Star Vie padel racket to guarantee excellent performance to dominate the match.
  • Starvie Basalt Carbon Soft 19 - Dont hesitate to get this high-quality padel racket thatll offer you the best benefits on the court.
    279,00€PVP 309,99€
    10 %
  • Star Vie Raptor Pro -
    269,95€PVP 300,00€
    10 %
  • Star Vie Raptor Pro | Created with excellent quality materials, so that the player obtains comfort, it is a durable padel racket.
    189,90€PVP 299,00€
    36 %
  • Star Vie Polaris 2019 - Attract everyones attention with this racquet of stupendous benefits and striking design.
    169,94€PVP 274,99€
    38 %
  • Star Vie Polaris Pro - Its a racquet created for advanced level padel players who seek control. It offers amazing durability and is very comfortable.
    171,45€PVP 274,99€
    38 %
  • Starvie alumunium 2020 -
    234,00€PVP 260,00€
    10 %
  • Starvie Brava Black Edition - Consigue ya este magnífico e innovador modelo de Starvie para dominar el partido completo.
    224,95€PVP 250,00€
    10 %
  • Star Vie Brava | This Star Vie padel racquet is a great option for those who seek equipment of excellent quality.
    162,50€PVP 249,99€
    35 %
  • Starvie Aquila Rocket - Disfruta al máximo tus partidos de padel con este modelo de gran calidad, que te ofrecerá las mejores prestaciones para dominar a tu rival.
    183,95€PVP 205,00€
    10 %
  • StarVie Aquila Rocket Pro - Altamente duradera y con un diseño original, esta pala de potencia StarVie llega a ofrecer una gran comodidad a los jugadores.
    183,95€PVP 205,00€
    10 %
  • Star Vie Aquila - This padel racquet is destined for expert level players who seek a padel racquet of great comfort and excellent relation between power and control.
    119,90€PVP 204,99€
    42 %
  • Star Vie Aquila Pro - Jump onto the court with this incredible racquet of high benefits thatll give you the needed output to dominate the court and your rival.
    119,95€PVP 204,99€
    41 %
  • Star Vie Titania Pro - Its a padel racquet that stands out for its great comfort. Created for beginner or intermedium level athletes. It has a great design.
    126,75€PVP 194,99€
    35 %
  • Star Vie Titania - A padel racket for intermediate players. Made of carbon in the frame and faces. It has an amazing design.
    128,83€PVP 194,99€
    34 %
  • Star Vie Titania 2020 - Move around the track with this modern designed Star Vie padel racket, ideal to stand out in the padel game.
    170,95€PVP 190,00€
    10 %
  • Star Vie Alpha Carbon 2019 - Experience sensations of comfort and manageability in your padel matches or training with this Star Vie 2019 padel racket.
    111,95€PVP 160,00€
    30 %
  • StarVie Zeta 2019 - Stand out with more comfort and security in your padel training with this padel racket destined to intermediate level players.
    61,35€PVP 100,00€
    39 %
  • Starvie Metheora Junior 2019 - Ideal high-benefits model that has technical characteristics thatll adapt to the little boys needs.
    53,95€PVP 95,00€
    43 %
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