Softee presents you the padel rackets specially designed to offer the highest quality in equipment at a very great price. The Softee padel rackets are characterized by control and power in their design and performance.

The best and at a good price in Softee padel rackets.

In PadelNuestro you can buy Softee padel rackets at the best price in the market because we have the most select models like TOUR CARBON, WINNER, POTENZA, REVEK and GOLDEN. Get it now!

  • SOFTEE WINNER BLUE, soft touch, comfortable and assertive The Softee Winner Blue is a padel racket ...
    225,00€ 290,00€
  • SOFTEE K3 TOUR CARBON 5.0, excellent making and design The Softee K3 Tour Carbon 5.0 is a padel rac ...
    198,00€ 240,00€


  • Softee Winner blue padel racket | Cheap Softee quality padel racket composed of EVA Soft rubber nucleus and carbon in the frame and faces. High-range Softee padel racket.
    225,00€PVP 290,00€
    22 %
  • SOFTEE WINNER MATTE GREEN | Padel racket with excellent quality and price, thought for players of an advanced professional level.
    225,00€PVP 290,00€
    22 %
  • SOFTEE POTENZA WOMAN | Softee women padel racket made of carbon fibre in the faces and EVA Soft rubber in the nucleus. Padel racket with a diamond shape.
  • Softee Potenza Man - It is one of the best softee padel rackets, you will like its beautiful design.
  • SOFTEE K3 TOUR CARBON 5.0 | Offer on Softee padel rackets made in carbon fibre and Soft EVA rubber nucleus with light weight and high balance for good control.
    198,00€PVP 240,00€
    18 %
  • Softee Revel | Female padel racket with power and control thats characterised for its high quality and design.
    89,95€PVP 145,00€
    38 %
  • Softee Golden Junior | Light and comfortable padel racket for children who begin in padel. It has round shape.
    39,95€PVP 79,00€
    49 %
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