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    The Siux Oracle is a spectacular padel racket with original design, new model 2015, balanced padel racket with great behaviour on the court.


    Racket Presentation

    The Siux Oracle is a new model by Siux which was launched in 2015, it is an even balanced padel racket with great power and very good control. It presents the Siux quality at the best price.

    Type of player

    It is a perfect padel racket for advanced or professional players who look for a padel racket with power but also with a good control.

    Because of its wide sweet point and good control, it is also a padel racket which we can recommend to an intermediate padel player who needs some high quality padel racket with which he can go on improving his game.

    Technical characteristics

    It has been designed with the shape of tear-drop, a weight around 360 and 380 grammes with profile of 38 millimetres.

    For the frame manufacturing, carbon fiber has been used and glas fiber too. The core is made of Soft Eva gum which ensures good rebound power, control, comfort and power. The faces have been manufactured with glass fiber.

    It is a padel racket which hardly vibrates, a very important fact for players who are prone to overloads or feel pain in their elbows hitting the ball.

    Design and colours

    Its design is original and striking, both due to its shape and its colours. They make this padel racket very flashy which will be the centre of attention for sure. Black and yellow colours.

    Analysis of its behaviour on court

    The first thing we see when we pick the padel racket is that its shape and colours are very original and different.

    When we start trying it we observe that it has a wide sweet point and power.

    From the baseline, its behaviour is exceptional, the balls which come hard such as for instance the opponent's shot, the ball can be easily rebounded to the contrary field, easily.

    Its best stroke can be found next to the net, the shot goes hard and well-set, we must not have problems to rebound the ball from the baseline, or attrack it to our field, it is a padel racket with nice punch, volleys go strongly and enough weight, if we set the ball next to the wall, we will make our opponents have problems.

    Feelings after the test are good, it is a padel racket which transmits safety in every stroke, its good power and control make this padel racket a very versatile one and perfect for a huge number of players, its design is very original and flashy.

    Racket Summary

    The Siux Oracle is a bat that although behaviours well regarding power and control, it is a bat with which we can hit hard the ball but in addition it has an original design in black and yellow, padel racket with Siux quality at the best price.

    Other Siux padel rackets

    Siux Furtive is the new model of 2015 by Siux, a padel racket with much control and colourful design, it is a padel racket with Siux high quality.

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