Sane padel rackets, A high performance within the padel court

 Sane padel rackets, are high performance padel rackets specially designed for the highest-level players. In its catalogue, you can find padel rackets that will give you the best ball outings in each padel game.

  • SANE IMPRONTA V TEXTREME HCT Racket presentation Padel racquet for expert players, that is how it ...
    149,00€ 305,00€
  • SANE IMPRONTA V TEXTREME EVA POWER Racket presentation With black color and fluorescent yellow and ...
    139,00€ 285,00€
  • SANE IMPRONTA V TEXTREME POLYTHENE SUPER SOFT Racket presentation Improve the control of your hits ...
    119,00€ 215,00€
  • SANE IMPRONTA 3 ES Racket presentation Sane Impronta 3 Es - If you are an intermediate level padel ...
    79,94€ 135,00€


  • Sane Agressor III Textreme + Innegra - Ideal for players seeking exceptional output with the best benefits for their matches.
    339,50€PVP 399,00€
    15 %
  • Sane Aggressor III Textreme Twill Blue - This Sane racquet is designed with carbon materials that increase life quality and durability in competition.
    276,50€PVP 325,00€
    15 %
  • Sane Impronta 5,2 HCT - Stand out in your training with this Sane racket, recommended for professional players who seek a racket with striking design and high benefits.
    259,50€PVP 305,00€
    15 %
  • Sane Impronta V Textreme HCT | A high quality padel racket for expert players, you will like it very much for its black and blue design.
    149,00€PVP 305,00€
    51 %
  • Sane Impronta V Textreme Eva Power | Padel racket in black, red and fluor tones for expert players. It is of excellent quality.
    139,00€PVP 285,00€
    51 %
  • Sane Aggressor III Carbon | This racquet has been made to provide the best benefits to a polyvalent type of player in order to adapt to the games demands.
    237,50€PVP 279,00€
    15 %
  • SANE TOTAL CARBON PHARAON |It has a colourful design and structure to give potency to each hit, thanks to its diamond shape and medium-high balance. Ideal for intermediate or advanced level players. Get it at the best price on your specialised store.
    143,14€PVP 260,00€
    45 %
  • SANE TOTAL CARBON KING | New Sane racket, ideal for advanced or intermediate level players. It allows flexion on the borders but with a rigid centre in order not to break. Compressed polythene nucleus and carbon structure.
    149,95€PVP 250,00€
    40 %
  • SANE RISSING CARBON 3D MATTE | Polyvalent racket for intermediate level demanding players that seek quality, design and great benefits at an irresistible price. Reduce vibrations when hitting thanks to the Soft Eva rubber nucleus.
    129,00€PVP 235,00€
    45 %
  • 199,90€PVP 235,00€
    15 %
  • SANE RISSING CARBON 3D SHINY | Discover the new balanced Sane racket with excellent potency and exceptional control. Designed with high-quality materials. Modern, elegant and current design. Its soft inner nucleus is perfect for people with elbow issues.
    129,00€PVP 235,00€
    45 %
  • Sane Impronta 5,2 TExtreme Polythene Super Soft - This padel racquet emphasises output, resistance and control to let you play with all your might fearlessly.
  • Sane Impronta V Textreme Polythene Soft | Ideal model for professional players who wish to improve their control in each hit. Medium balance and carbon fabric. Its a racket to bring out our best game level.
  • Sane Impronta 5.2 Laminated Polythene | This Sane racquet is an excellent option for those seeking to adapt to the games versatility quickly.
  • SANE TOTAL FIBRE EVA SOFT | For intermediate or professional level players, the new Sane structure avoids breaks. Designed to increase hit potency, experiencing great sensations on the court. Get it at an irresistible price.
    117,98€PVP 195,00€
    39 %
  • Sane Impronta 4.2 Full Carbon Eva Soft | You will love the high quality of this padel racket, it was made for players to have comfort and high performance.
  • Sane Impronta 4 Full Carbon Eva Soft | This Sane padel racket has medium-high balance, ideal for expert players. It is of excellent quality.
    111,95€PVP 180,00€
    38 %
  • Sane Impronta 4,2 Compressed Polythene Women - Stand out on the court with this Sane racquet for sportswomen who seek a racquet with stupendous comfort and potency.
  • SANE AGRESSOR HCT 2 ULTRALIGHT | Get this new cheaper Sane padel racket. It is ideal for players prone to suffer injuries from their closed heart with anti-vibration.
    69,00€PVP 160,00€
    57 %
  • Sane Impronta HCT Retro | This racquet is manufactured with the best materials to provide the player with technical benefits and long useful lifetime in the racquets use.
    127,50€PVP 150,00€
    15 %
  • Sane Impronta 3 HCT | Its designed with an anti-torsion crossbar and a stabiliser, ideal for reducing the vibrations of each hit; which is why its recommended for players prone to suffer elbow aches. Improves hit control.
    90,75€PVP 150,00€
    39 %
  • SANE IMPRONTA 2 ULTRALIGHT - Get the new Sane 2018 padel racket with a compressed polythene core and a super lightweight thanks to the IPS system used by the Argentine brand. Get greater control in every hit.
    59,00€PVP 145,00€
    59 %
  • Sane Impronta 3 Es | It is a padel racket of excellent quality, with a stabiliser to decrease vibrations. It has a truly original design.
    79,94€PVP 135,00€
    41 %
  • Sane Impronta Compressed Polythene Retro - This Sane racquet is designed with quality materials and striking details that stand out for their elegance and appealing details.
  • Sane Impronta 3 Pol - Made for learners or intermediate level players, this padel racket has an inner hit stabiliser. It is a control padel racket. At an incredible price.
    69,95€PVP 120,00€
    42 %
  • Sane Flex 4 Eva Soft - Get to know this amazing padel racket. This control padel racket has an antivibration system.
    47,00€PVP 100,00€
    53 %
  • 84,50€PVP 99,00€
    15 %
  • SANE NUMBER ONE 4 POL | Quality racket for demanding players seeking a polyvalent racket that offers them potency and control at an incredible price.
    59,95€PVP 99,00€
    39 %
  • Sane Number One 4 Eva Soft | It is a padel racket of excellent quality . Great balance between power and control. Stands out its original and sporty design.
    62,95€PVP 99,00€
    36 %
  • Sane Rissing women | Discover the new feminine racket of one of the Argentine brands with most renown in the padel world. Comfortable, polyvalent and with a killer design, this new Sane racket won't leave you indifferent.
    59,95€PVP 85,00€
    29 %
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