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Royal Padel Racket - The best prices on Royal Padel

Find the best prices on padel rackets by the brand Royal Padel in our website and take advantage of our discounted prices and our promotional gifts of these prestigious padel rackets. The products include a series of technical materials such as carbon, aramid fiber, glass fiber and fabrics, titanium dioxide among others, achieving an excellent power and control with light weight and balanced padel rackets.

Do you want to know what are the best padel rackets by Royal Padel? Well, at Padelnuestro you have them all: Royal Padel RP M27 Yellow 2017, Royal Padel Any Special Edition or the incredible model for women Royal Padel RP M27 Woman 2017. Try them now!

  • ROYAL PADEL RP ANIVERSARIO SPECIAL EDITION YELLOW Royal Padel RP Aniversary Edition Yellow is a pad ...
    134,95€ 350,00€
  • ROYAL PADEL ANNIVERSARY M27 WOMAN Racket Presentation The Royal Padel Anniversary M27 Woman is an ...
    149,00€ 320,00€
  • ROYAL PADEL ANIVERSARIO M27 2017 Racket Presentation Royal Padel Aniversario M27 2017 is a balance ...
    149,00€ 320,00€
  • Royal Padel RP Anniversary Special Edition Enjoy of the best performance that the Royal Padel Rp An ...
    147,50€ 300,00€
  • ROYAL PADEL RP ANNIVERSARY 2017 Racket Presentation The Royal Padel Rp Anniversary 2017 includes t ...
    147,50€ 297,00€
  • Royal Padel Whip Professional Limited Edition Racket Presentation Royal Padel Whip Professional li ...
    119,00€ 260,00€
  • ROYAL PADEL 790 WHIP LTD The new Royal Padel 790 Whip LTD comes with fresh and renewed airs. This e ...
    204,00€ 240,00€
  • ROYAL PADEL RP 790 WHIP POLYTHENE 2019 Racquet presentation If you're thinking about a racquet wit ...
    203,90€ 239,90€
  • ROYAL PADEL WHIP HYBRID 2017 Racket Presentation The Whip Hibrid by Royal Padel is characterised b ...
    136,95€ 230,00€
  • ROYAL PADEL RP790 WHIP EVA Racket Presentation Balanced padel racket, perfect for advanced players ...
    115,00€ 230,00€
  • ROYAL PADEL PURSANG 6 WOMAN SKY BLUE Racket Presentation Royal Padel Pursang 6 Woman Sky Blue is a ...
    84,90€ 230,00€
  • ROYAL PADEL SUPERCROSS The striking and modern Royal Padel Supercross is a balance paddle with tear ...
    178,95€ 210,00€


  • You can now buy at Padel Nuestro the new model of padel racket by Royal Padel | It is made in yellow with an amazing throat.
    134,95€PVP 350,00€
    61 %
  • Royal Padel RP M27 Hybrid Ltd 2019 | this Royal Padel padel racket is made of the best quality and long durability materials to provide a longer useful lifetime.
    288,95€PVP 339,95€
    15 %
  • Royal Padel RP M27 Women 2019 | One of those racquets that wont go unnoticed, the new Royal Padel is introduced like a complete, balanced racquet with an excellent vibration absorption to make precise counterattacks.
    288,95€PVP 339,90€
    15 %
  • RP M27 Hybrid 2019 | A racquet for those professional or expert players who need a racquet to match their level. Perfect to make powerful and precise hits without losing control of the game. Royal Padel doesnt disappoint.
    288,95€PVP 339,90€
    15 %
  • If youre looking for a racquet to comply with your requirements, the new Royal Padel M27 2019 model is introduced like one of those magnificent models, constituted with the best technologies and materials of the brand. Perfect for advanced players.
    288,95€PVP 339,90€
    15 %
  • 149,00€PVP 320,00€
    53 %
  • Royal Padel Aniversario M27 2017, an exceptional padel racket for players who look for the best efficiency in every point, both of control and power.
    149,00€PVP 320,00€
    53 %
  • Royal Padel Aniversario 2019 LTD | Enjoy your favourite sport with this padel racket of dynamic design that provides the best sensations and benefits to stand out.
    279,00€PVP 300,00€
    7 %
  • The Royal Padel Any Special Edition is a new padel racket Royal Padel of exclusive sale in the best shops of padel, characterised by its efficiency and comfort.
    147,50€PVP 300,00€
    51 %
  • Royal Padel Rp Anniversary Ltd Black | This padel racket offers an impressive design that youll adore for its dynamism and incredible output on the padel court.
  • Do you want to play padel with a high quality padel racket that also provides a great design ? Dont doubt trying the new padel racket by Royal Padel.
  • Royal Padel RP Anniversary 2019 | If youre looking for a racquet to perform a magnificent game from different parts of the court, allowing you to have easier ball output and execute precise and lethal hits, this is your racquet.
    254,95€PVP 299,90€
    15 %
  • Royal Padel Anniversary 2017 | Perfect bat to show the greatest efficiency of our game. It is thought for advanced players.
    147,50€PVP 297,00€
    50 %
  • Royal Padel Whip Professional Limited Edition | Padel racket characterised by its great efficiency in every point. It is made of high quality materials.
  • ROYAL PADEL RP 790 WHIP POLYTHENE 2018 - New model for expert players that participate in competitions. With polythene nucleus that helps absorb impacts. In black, fluor green and white colours that give a juvenile and sportive style.
  • Royal Padel 790 Whip Ltd | Already available for you the new and exclusive balance Royal Padel. A light racket with a modern design for the most daring.
    204,00€PVP 240,00€
    15 %
  • New Royal Padel 790 Whip women padel racket with shock absorption system in the core to reduce vibrations. Ideal for expert or professional players seeking to obtain polyvalent gameplay. Already on sale on PadelNuestro.
    134,95€PVP 240,00€
    44 %
  • 25
    99,00€PVP 240,00€
    59 %
  • Royal Padel RP 790 Whip Polythene 2019 | A magnificent racquet that absorbs marvellously the vibrations produced by your rivals strong hits, which lets us make precise and hurtful counterattacks.
  • If you need a racquet to meet your expectations, the new Royal Padel RP 790 Whip Hybrid 2019 is an option to consider. Composed with the most flexible and fast recover compounds to get greater comfort.
    173,95€PVP 239,90€
    27 %
  • Royal Padel RP 790 Whip EVA 2019 | Prepared to give people something to talk about, the new Royal Padel model is introduced. Made with incredible technologies and materials thatll allow you to bring out the maximum performance of your gameplay.
    203,90€PVP 239,90€
    15 %
  • Royal Padel RP 790 Whip Woman | Dont miss the opportunity of getting Royal Padels new model. In it, youll find all the perks you were looking for in a racquet. With magnificent vibration absorption, Royal Padel has created a majestic racquet.
    203,90€PVP 239,90€
    15 %
  • Royal Padel Whip Hybrid 2017 | Rounded padel racket thought for advanced players who look for the greatest control and excellent power.
    136,95€PVP 230,00€
    40 %
  • Royal padel RP790 Whip Eva | Balanced padel racket that is perfect for advanced padel players who already combine great power and excellent control.
    115,00€PVP 230,00€
    50 %
  • Royal padel Rp 777RA 2019 - Jump onto the padel court with this Royal Padel racquet, designed with first-class level materials that guarantee extra potency and control.
    195,50€PVP 230,00€
    15 %
  • ROYAL PADEL RP 777 RA 2018 | New model for 2018, designed for high-level players that seek polyvalent gameplay with a tendency toward control. It's made of the best quality materials, such as carbon or polythene.
    99,00€PVP 230,00€
    57 %
  • Royal Padel 777 RA 2019 | This Royal Padel padel racket provides the best benefits, so you enjoy your favourite sport with a quality padel racket.
    195,95€PVP 229,95€
    15 %
  • Royal Padel Supercross 2019 - Get this magnificent racquet that gives you an elegant style with exceptional performance and great comfort.
    178,40€PVP 210,00€
    15 %
  • Royal Padel Supercross | The striking and modern Royal Padel Supercross is a balance paddle with teardrop shape and irregular finishes that attracks attention on the track
    178,95€PVP 210,00€
    15 %
  • ROYAL PADEL RP 771 EFE 2018 | Racket for intermedium or advanced level players, perfect for an excellent game of control without leaving aside potency.
    89,95€PVP 170,00€
    47 %
  • ROYAL PADEL RP 130 FACTOR 2018 | High-performance racket for intermediate players that seek polyvalence and versatility in their gameplay. Created in tear shape with a fresh design in black and blue colours.
    79,95€PVP 130,00€
    38 %
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