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Discover out selection of outlet padel rackets for man and woman. Choose the padel rackets that you like the most among our proposals. padel racket models for every player. The best padel rackets of the market on sale, by the leading brands.

  • WINGPADEL AIR VAPOR GREEN Racket Presentation Wingpadel Air Vapor Green, a padel racket with amazi ...
    139,00€ 350,00€
  • ROYAL PADEL ANY SPECIAL EDITION Racket Presentation The Royal Padel Any Special Edition is an excl ...
    147,50€ 300,00€
  • PADEL RACKET OCHO PADEL ALLURE The padel racket Ocho Padel Allure is a padel racket which is charac ...
    89,00€ 275,00€
  • WILSON CARBON FORCE BLUE 2017 The new Wilson Carbon Force 2017 is versatile padel racket that provi ...
    89,95€ 249,00€
  • CAZZEC ORION The Cazzec Orion is a padel racket which is characterised by its control, and its exce ...
    59,95€ 249,00€
  • CAZZEC ORION BLUE The Cazzec Orion blue is a perfect padel racket for intermediate players or advan ...
    59,95€ 249,00€
  • CAZZEC DRAGONIA VERDE The Cazzec Dragonia Green is a padel racket which is characterised by its pow ...
    59,95€ 229,00€
  • HEAD GRAPHENE TORNADO CONTROL LTD Head Graphen Tornado Control LTD, padel racket of control, with a ...
    79,95€ 220,00€
  • CAZZEC DRAGONIA PRO GREEN Racket Presentation Cazzec Dragonia Pro Verde. A power padel racket Cazz ...
    59,95€ 210,00€
  • CAZZEC EVOLUTION WHITE The Cazzec Evolution White is a potency padel racket with an original design ...
    59,95€ 209,00€
  • CAZZEC LARIUS Cazzec Larius is a padel racket which has been designed to provide power over the bal ...
    59,95€ 189,00€
  • CAZZEC LARIUS PRO LADY BLACK SERIES Racket Presentation Cazzec Larius Pro Lady Black Series. Quali ...
    59,95€ 169,00€
  • CAZZEC ARTIC Racket Presentation Cazzec Artic is a padel racket which comes made of quality materi ...
    49,00€ 129,00€
  • OCHO PADEL ANIMAL PRINT GREEN Ocho Padel Animal Print Green, a padel racket with great quality and ...
    89,00€ 245,00€
  • OCHO PADEL SERENITY PURPLE Ocho Padel Serenity Purple is a feminine padel racket with a pretty desi ...
    99,95€ 195,00€


  • The Wingpadel Air Vapor Green has been made of high quality materials, its design is spectacular and its efficiency is unbeatable.
    139,00€PVP 350,00€
    60 %
  • 89,00€PVP 300,00€
    70 %
  • 94,95€PVP 300,00€
    68 %
  • The Royal Padel Any Special Edition is a new padel racket by Royal Padel of exclusive sale in the best shops of padel, characterised by its efficiency and comfort.
    147,50€PVP 300,00€
    51 %
  • Padel racket Ocho Padel Allure, a funny design in red with colourful butterflies, it is a great bat by an amazing brand.
    89,00€PVP 275,00€
    68 %
  • Bullpadel Legend Limited If you are looking for a high performance padel racket, now you can have this amazing model.
    69,95€PVP 265,00€
    74 %
  • 79,95€PVP 259,00€
    69 %
  • Wilson Carbon Force 2016 Padel racket focused on advanced padel players who want to control their points.
    84,95€PVP 249,00€
    66 %
  • Wilson Carbon Force Blue 2017 | Wilson improved padel racket version. It is a padel racket of a great control and balance, it is perfect for high level padel players.
    89,95€PVP 249,00€
    64 %
  • The Cazzec ORION is a padel racket made for control, it is for expert padel players who are looking for comfort.
    59,95€PVP 249,00€
    76 %
  • The Cazzec Orion blue padel racket is characterised by its great performance regarding power. Amazing design
    59,95€PVP 249,00€
    76 %
  • VISION XIAM 1.5 WHITE | High quality padel racket for expert players. It is made of carbon fiber and is very durable.
    69,95€PVP 230,00€
    70 %
  • The Cazzec Dragonia Green is a padel racket which is characterised by its good power and high quality along with amazing design.
    59,95€PVP 229,00€
    74 %
  • The padel racket Black Crown Piton 4.0 comes with an amazing design, was created to offer control.
    99,00€PVP 220,00€
    55 %
  • Head Graphene Tornado Control LTD - Control padel racket with amazing design, it is now available and ready to use.
    79,95€PVP 220,00€
    64 %
  • Cazzec Dragonia Pro Green, a padel racket which guarantees the best efficiency on power. It is also a padel racket with great control and amazing quality.
    59,95€PVP 210,00€
    71 %
  • The Cazzec Evolution White is an amazing padel racket of potency, a perfect padel racket for players who enjoy hitting the ball strong.
    59,95€PVP 209,00€
    71 %
  • 99,35€PVP 190,00€
    48 %
  • The Cazzec Larius is characterised by its control but also by its nice aesthetics in bright colours, black, blue and white.
    59,95€PVP 189,00€
    68 %
  • Cazzec Larius Pro Orange Black Series, it is a padel racket which adapts easily and with which you can enjoy every single point of the match.
  • Cazzec Larius Pro Lady Black Series, female padel racket with excellent relation between quality and price. It is a padel racket of control.
  • Rox Rx1 | Light and comfortable padel racket designed for medium or beginner level players. It stands out for its excellent price on PadelNuestro. Padel racket of original design.
    55,95€PVP 150,00€
    63 %
  • Cazzec Artic - The Artic padel racket has an excellent quality and price. It is a durable padel racket.
    49,00€PVP 129,00€
    62 %
  • Vision Obsession 1.5 Blue | Vision offers its new womens model, a padel racket that is characterised by its incredible balance.
    44,95€PVP 90,00€
    50 %
  • Ocho Padel Animal Print green is a padel racket with a feminine design thatll also provide us with the best output in the padel courts.
    89,00€PVP 245,00€
    64 %
  • Ocho Padel Serenity purple is a padel racket that stands out for its exceptional design in purple colour, plus its a balanced padel racket, potency and control.
    99,95€PVP 195,00€
    49 %
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