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Increase your game level with top-quality equipment at the best price.Take a look at our padel rackets catalogue and discover the model that best suits your needs. Whether it is weight measurements, type of gameplay, shape or powerful hits, there is a perfect racket waiting for you here. In Padel Nuesttro we always think in any kind of requirement that you may have, so you can capt the whole attention in your training sessions or tournaments

  • NOX AT10 PRO CUP COAL Racquet presentation Play like the World Padel Tour champions with the new 2 ...
    129,00€ 248,00€
  • BULLPADEL HACK 2018 The Bullpadel Hack 2018 has arrived with a renewed and powerful details. With a ...
    184,95€ 350,00€
  • SIUX SPYDER LUXURY GRAFENO Show your wildest side with the new Siux Spyder Luxury Graphene: a diamo ...
    489,00€ 489,00€
  • SIUX PEGASUS Racket Presentation Siux Pegasus, it is considered by many experts the best padel rac ...
    489,00€ 489,00€
  • SIUX PEGASUS GRAFENO LADY Enjoy the maximum of each stroke with Siux Pegasus Lady, a versatile padd ...
    489,00€ 489,00€
  • SIUX DIABLO FUCHSIA 2.0 Racket Presentation Siux Diablo Fuchsia 2.0, new model of the so-called th ...
    420,00€ 420,00€
    399,95€ 475,00€
  • BULLPADEL VERTEX 2 MASTER FINAL LTD. EDITION Racquet presentation Discover the characteristics of ...
    399,95€ 475,00€
  • SIUX PLATINUM LUXURY Discover the new Siux Platinum Luxury and let yourself be seduced by its charm ...
    399,00€ 399,00€
  • ORYGEN STRATUS XTREME The new Orygen Stratus Xtreme is perfect for advanced or professional players ...
    350,00€ 350,00€
  • SIUX ORIGEN PRO RED Play your matches with the best quality: the new Siux Origen Pro Red is ideal f ...
    199,00€ 350,00€
  • WINGPADEL AIR STORM 2 The Wingpadel Air Storm 2 is a padel racket that includes the latest technolo ...
    350,00€ 350,00€
  • WINGPADEL AIR FORCE 2.0 The Wingpadel Air Force 2.0 is created in the shape of a teardrop with a wi ...
    350,00€ 350,00€
  • WINGPADEL AIR VAPOR 2.0 GREEN With the new Wingpadel Air Vapor 2.0 Green, you can enjoy exquisite s ...
    350,00€ 350,00€
  • BULLPADEL VERTEX 2 CASCAIS MASTER WPT EDITION The new Bullpadel Vertex 2 Cascais Master WPT Edition ...
    349,00€ 420,00€
  • VARLION BOURNE SUMMUM CARRERA 25 W AESTHETIC DEF. Varlion Bourne Summum Carrera 25 W Aesthetic Def. ...
    347,95€ 435,00€
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  • NOX AT10 PRO CUP COAL - If you want to enjoy more control and potency, get now this 2019 Nox padel racquet model. Obtain the best discounts in Padel.
    129,00€PVP 248,00€
    48 %
  • ADIDAS ADIPOWER ATTK 1.8 | Potency at the maximum with this new Attak version. More professional design than its predecessor. Its nucleus and balance prove more intensity to each hit.
    164,95€PVP 320,00€
    48 %
  • ADIDAS Adipower Attack Soft 1.8 | The design of the new adidas is ideal for attack players who are looking for great power in the hit, also achieved thanks to its characteristics, such as its diamond shape and the carbon of its faces.
    169,95€PVP 335,00€
    49 %
  • ADIDAS Adipower Soft 1.9 - You can also play with Ale Galans racquet. Made with the best materials and technologies to provide the greatest potency.
    214,45€PVP 340,00€
    37 %
  • ADIDAS Adipower Attk 1.9 - Racquet manufactured with carbon in its frame and faces to offer the greatest resistance and increase potency. Seba Nerones racquet.
    254,95€PVP 340,00€
    25 %
  • ADIDAS Adipower Ctrl 1.9 - A perfect racquet for players who want control. Made with the most resistant high spectrum materials. Get it now.
    255,90€PVP 340,00€
    25 %
  • adidas padel racket in sporty design is bringing excellent performance to you at an amazing price. The padel racket adidas Carbon Ctrl 1.8 is comfortable and durable.
    114,50€PVP 285,00€
    60 %
  • Bullpadel Vertex 2 | To develop a powerful game, we introduce you this Bullpadel model. Perfect for advanced and professional players.
    259,90€PVP 259,95€
  • Bullpadel Legend Limited If you are looking for a high performance padel racket, now you can have this amazing model.
    69,95€PVP 265,00€
    74 %
  • BULLPADEL HACK 2018| Check ou the new padel racket that Paquito Navorro will play with during the 2018. Power, quality and innovation with a great design
    184,95€PVP 350,00€
    47 %
  • NOX ML10 LUXURY L.4 | Potency padel racket for demanding players seeking comfort, stregnth and precision with the brand's latest technology.
    139,95€PVP 288,00€
    51 %
  • Siux Pegasus Graphene Black - Dont hesitate to get this high-performance padel racket to guarantee victory in each one of your matches.
  • Siux Pegasus Graphene Silver - Ideal for advanced level players who seek a balanced padel racket to improve their game technique.
  • Siux Pegasus Luxury - This padel racket will give you power in the advanced padel. It is durable.
    520,00€PVP 520,00€
  • Siux Spyder Luxury Grafeno | Show your wildest side with the new Siux Spyder Luxury Graphene
    489,00€PVP 489,00€
  • Siux Pegasus | It is considered the best padel racket in the world. It is a padel racket with which we can show our best play.
    489,00€PVP 489,00€
  • Siux Pegasus Lady | Enjoy the maximum of each stroke with Siux Pegasus Lady, a versatile paddle for the most demanding players
    489,00€PVP 489,00€
  • Siux Spartan Luxury | The new Siux Spartan Luxury is designed with teardrop shape and a medium balance
  • Siux Diablo Granph Blue | Spectacular performance with this padel racket on the court. Amazing properties. It is characterised by its oversize rounded shape. Siux high quality.
  • The Siux Diablo Granph is clearly one of the best padel rackets in the world, a bat with superior behaviour both in power and control.
  • Siux Diablo Luxury Graphene | Discover this new padel jewel. One of the brand's most awaited padel comes to enchant the most demanding players. Made of high-quality materials and innovative technologies that achieve the greatest comfort.
  • Siux Diablo Black - A padel racket that surpasses all limits of potency and control with its high-quality materials and advanced technologies.
  • Siux Diablo Luxury - Try this new racket and enjoy your most demanding matches with extreme comfort, battling each point with an ideal balance between control and potency. You'll adore the huge output it provides.
  • Siux Diablo Fuchsia 2.0, incredible padel racket in every point. It is a new version of one of the best padel rackets in the world.
    420,00€PVP 420,00€
  • Get the best price for the new Siux Diablo Matte 2018, a racket in a perfect hybrid shape to get good control and great power. Enjoy your matches to the fullest with this new Siux model, made with carbon and Black EVA rubber.
    420,00€PVP 420,00€
  • Siux Diablo fuchsia 3.0 - Its a padel racket created for demanding players who seek an excellent quality padel racket, type polyvalent.
  • Bullpadel Vertex Black Series LTD - Don't hesitate to get this magnificent padel racket with an elegant and comfortable design to dominate the court and your rival.
    399,95€PVP 475,00€
    16 %
  • Bullpadel Vertex 2 Master Final LTD Edition - Know now the new Bullpadel paddle racquet, official WPT Master Final model that the number 1 in the world will use.
    399,95€PVP 475,00€
    16 %
  • The Siux Platinum is a padel racket with exceptional efficiency. It is very comfortable and durable.
  • Siux Platinum Luxury | Enjoy the maximum of your padel matches with the new control Siuc, an incredibly easy to manage racket and directed for high-level or professional players. Get it now and dispute your games with great precision.
    399,00€PVP 399,00€
  • Orygen Zoom Xtreme | A great opportunity to get a top racket at a grandiose price, enjoy an exceptional performance in all ways.
    399,00€PVP 399,00€
  • Siux Astral Hybrid | Manage to reach your maximum level and a game style that attracts everyones eyes on the court thanks to Siuxs new model.
  • Siux Astra Control | If you're looking for a new racquet to control the match, don't let this magnificent Siux model pass to control the game.
  • Siux Astra Attack | For the most demanding players, the new Siux model is introduced loaded with innovations and technologies that meet expectations.
  • Vibor-A King Cobra 2019 | Obtain the best potency hits with this Vibor-A padel racket made of materials that improve the touch during hits and favour the balls output.
    354,95€PVP 420,00€
    15 %
  • Wingpadel Air Cyclone 2.0 | One of the most awaited rackets of this year arrives in its second version. Its renovated design adds a more elegant and sophisticated touch with an energetic and alive point through its sober combination of black and yellow.
  • Siux Genesis Attack - You can already get this top quality padel racket thatll offer you the best behaviour inside the court to dominate the game.
  • Siux Trilogy Control - Take this high-quality padel racket that offers you the best behaviour on the court.
  • Wingpadel Air Combat 2.0 - Get at the best price the new Wingpadel racket for those who seek hit polyvalence. It has a carbon and kevlar structure that provides an ideal resistance, increasing the racket's durability.
  • Siux Trilogy Attack - You can already get this elegant top quality model thatll offer you the best performance to dominate your matches.
  • Siux Genesis Hybrid - Ideal for players who seek the best performance to improve their technique inside the court and dominate the game.
  • Siux Trilogy Hybrid - Its a padel racket created with a very wide sweet point. This padel racket is characterised by its durability and reducing vibrations very well.
  • Do you already know the new Orygen Stratus Xtreme? It's a spectacular potency racket that also provides extraordinary recovery and cushioning. Get it at a lower price on your favourite online padel store.
    350,00€PVP 350,00€
  • Vision Avalanche Control - Attract everyones eyes with this Vision padel racket destined to intermediate level players who seek a padel racket of stupendous quality.
    350,00€PVP 350,00€
  • With the new Siux Origen Pro Red, the most select players will enjoy an intense and exquisite padel game thanks to the materials it's been made. Enjoy Siux's maximum quality and win all your matches.
    199,00€PVP 350,00€
    43 %
  • Vision Avalanche Attack - Attract everyones eyes on the court with this padel racket of elegant design and classic colours that combine with your favourite outfit.
    350,00€PVP 350,00€
  • Wingpadel Air Attack 2.0 | Feel the power in your hands with the new Wingpadel in the image and likeness of Alvaro Cepero. Designed with a modern and youthful aesthetic, it brings a touch of class to your game.
    350,00€PVP 350,00€
  • WINGPADEL AIR STORM 2 | A high power and balanced padel racket that provides the best performance to the padel players during their game.
    350,00€PVP 350,00€
  • Siux Origen Pro | With the new Siux racket, the most advanced ones will enjoy this sport thanks to the high quality materials. It provides great versatility on the court and you will love its touch from the start.
    350,00€PVP 350,00€
  • Orygen Genetic Xtreme | Get a great control with this Orygen padel racket. It´s comfortable and very durable. Designed for expert players. Made of excellent quality materials.
    350,00€PVP 350,00€
  • Wingpadel Air Force 2.0 | Get this padel racket and enjoy your padel matches comfortably. It is ideal for demanding players.
    350,00€PVP 350,00€
  • Wingpadel Air Vapor 2.0 Green - Dispute your matches with the best quality material, as this new Wingpadel control is. Directed to high-level or professional players. Already available in your favourite online padel store.
    350,00€PVP 350,00€
  • Bullpadel Hack Ltd Edition | This padel racket is ideal for standing out on the padel court at a professional level due to its incredible output for greater potency without control losses.
    349,00€PVP 430,00€
    19 %
  • Bullpadel Vertex 2 Cascais Master WPT Edition - Get now this limited edition of the Cascais Master, a Bullpadel power shovel that Maxi Sánchez will use in this WPT Master.
  • 347,95€PVP 435,00€
    20 %
  • Varlion Bourne Summum Carrera 25 W Aesthetic Def. - It's a padel racket that stands out for its comfort. Created with a hit surface bigger than 1 cm. It's polyvalent.
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Incredible brands, the best brand's from all over the world

Our catalogue offer incredible brands that cover any kind of necessity that you may have, either pshysically or according to the requirements of the sport. Our padel rackets have colourful and technical designs to make you stand out on the padel court with both amazing style and great technique. Moreover, we are aware that each player develops his own gameplay, therefore, our catalogue has a broad range of padel rackets to offer multiple options to each type of game style. Whether is control and precision, potency or polyvalence to versatile players, we stand ready to provide you with the best option you want so you never fail a tournament and keep the style on.


We have the best brand's from all over the world so you can performance an intense match or even to start developing your own particular style. We manage products for all kinds of levels and expertise. We even have padel rackets designed and used by World Padel Tour top players! Choose your favorite and start being amazing in everyone's eyes!