Orygen is a young and innovative brand with a new collection of padel rackets with a careful design and exceptional performance for your padel games. Its amazing collection uses the highest quality materials in order to give you the best padel rackets, which will stand out for years to come.

  • ORYGEN ZOOM Racket presentation Orygen Zoom, padel racket designed for players who look for excell ...
    199,00€ 399,00€
  • ORYGEN STRATUS XTREME The new Orygen Stratus Xtreme is perfect for advanced or professional players ...
    350,00€ 350,00€
  • ORYGEN EPIC XTREME The design of the new Orygen Epic Xtreme is very elegant. It is made of the best ...
    299,00€ 299,00€
  • ORYGEN EPIC XTREME LADY Orygen Epic Xtreme Lady is designed for advanced padel players seeking vers ...
    299,00€ 299,00€


  • Orygen Zoom Xtreme | A great opportunity to get a top racket at a grandiose price, enjoy an exceptional performance in all ways.
    399,00€PVP 399,00€
  • Orygen Zoom is a padel racket with excellent performance in every game situations. It presents a wide sweet point and the highest quality.
    199,00€PVP 399,00€
    50 %
  • Orygen Genetic Xtreme | Get a great control with this Orygen padel racket. Itīs comfortable and very durable. Designed for expert players. Made of excellent quality materials.
    350,00€PVP 350,00€
  • Do you already know the new Orygen Stratus Xtreme? It's a spectacular potency racket that also provides extraordinary recovery and cushioning. Get it at a lower price on your favourite online padel store.
    350,00€PVP 350,00€
  • Orygen Carbon Edition Pro | Discover Orygen's recent arrival. A racket of high characteristics with a sophisticated and elegant design in black, gold and white colour. Get it at the best price on Padel Nuestro.
  • Orygen Epic Xtreme - Freely move around on the court with this new racket, of easy management and great adaptability. Ideal to dispute each point with spectacular potency and exceptional control Get it here at the best price.
    299,00€PVP 299,00€
  • Orygen Epic Xtreme Lady - Created for women to have power and control, it is a durable and comfortable padel racket.
    299,00€PVP 299,00€
  • Orygen Futura Xtreme | Save now by buying on your favourite padel store this new Orygen padel racket, a control model designed in elegant tones and directed to expert players. Feel the best sensations.
  • Discover now the new Orygen Futura Xtreme Lady, a racket composed of the best materials to provide optimum output in each ball hit. Get it at a lower price.
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Each Orygen padel racket is characterized by its high quality, within its catalogue you can find padel rackets like the Orygen Carbon Edition Pro, a padel racket with exceptional power and the best design or a padel racket that leads to the padel player, like the Orygen Epic Xtreme Lady with an excellent performance and an incredible lady design.



Orygen padel rackets impress with their design and quality.

They are specially tested by the most advanced players. A quality racket at the best price.