The padel rackets by Ocho Padel

Ocho Padel stands out for its exclusive designs, with bright and striking colours. They offer a different and original touch in padel courts. In addition, the international designer has created a line of padel rackets with exclusive designs. They are padel rackets that will attract a lot of attention in the padel court.



  • PADEL RACKET OCHO PADEL ALLURE The padel racket Ocho Padel Allure is a padel racket which is charac ...
    89,00€ 275,00€
  • OCHO PADEL ANIMAL PRINT GREEN Ocho Padel Animal Print Green, a padel racket with great quality and ...
    89,00€ 245,00€
  • PADEL RACKET OCHO PADEL ANIMAL PRINT SILVER Padel Racket Ocho Padel Animal Print Silver, female pad ...
    89,95€ 245,00€
  • OCHO PADEL SERENITY PURPLE Ocho Padel Serenity Purple is a feminine padel racket with a pretty desi ...
    99,95€ 195,00€


  • Padel racket Ocho Padel Allure, a funny design in red with colourful butterflies, it is a great bat by an amazing brand.
    89,00€PVP 275,00€
    68 %
  • Ocho Padel Animal Print green is a padel racket with a feminine design thatll also provide us with the best output in the padel courts.
    89,00€PVP 245,00€
    64 %
  • Ocho Padel Serenity purple is a padel racket that stands out for its exceptional design in purple colour, plus its a balanced padel racket, potency and control.
    99,95€PVP 195,00€
    49 %
  • The padel racket Ocho Padel Animal Print Silver is a nice femenine bat which is also very efficient on control and power.
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