The KUGAN padel rackets have more than 30 years of experience in making padel rackets and have now taken the risk of creating their own brand. It uses the best materials and technologies for the launch of models such as the KUGAN KALIMA. It has unique features that provide high quality to professional players during their competitions. Kugan sells not only padel rackets, but also all kinds of padel products such as textiles or accessories.

  • KUGAN FRISIA Be captivated by the new Kugan Frisia, a round control padel racket with low balance. ...
    34,95€ 240,00€
  • KUGAN KARA Move with the new Kugan Kara, an easy padel racket for intermediate players looking for ...
    119,00€ 240,00€
  • KUGAN CASPIO Take on anyone with Kugan Caspio, a versatile padel racket with a little more control ...
    34,95€ 240,00€


  • Kugan Kalima - It is a padel racket made of durable materials, it will allow you to have power on the court.
    94,95€PVP 240,00€
    60 %
  • Kugan Frisia | Enjoy maximum control with a fresh and original design, thanks to the new Kugan control of the Aqualine line. Comfortable, light and very resistant.
    34,95€PVP 240,00€
    85 %
  • Kugan Kara | Already available the new Kugan for intermediate level players, a complete model that you'll love from the first moment, for it's a ver manageable model with easy adaptability.
    119,00€PVP 240,00€
    50 %
  • Kugan Caspio | Manufactured with high-quality materials, arrives the new Kugana balanced with exceptional control and good potency, allowing chameleonic gameplay with a grand performance.
    34,95€PVP 240,00€
    85 %
  • Kugan Extreme 2.0 - It is a padel racket, it was made with excellent quality materials that will help to achieve very good performance.
    99,00€PVP 230,00€
    57 %
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Don't hesitate, buy it at an affordable price, and Kugan padel rackets provide incredible efficiency on the court. Designed for padel players looking for a padel brand that offers a whole range of padel rackets at a good price, KUGAN is the brand you've been waiting for.