Padel Rackets for kids with attractive designs

The youngest members of home already have their own padel rackets so that they can play padel without injuries, funnily. In the last year the main brands have thought in the small public and are launching junior padel rackets with very attractive designs, some funny, other interesting for this small audience which is starting in this sport. Consult our offer on padel rackets for kids by the brands such as Drop Shot, Bullpadel, Akkeron or Head, some of this pade brands which have started to make junior bats. This padel rackets, unlike adults', are characterised because they are smaller, lighter and funnier, for example, Akkeron Blue Junior.

  • HEAD ALPHA SANYO JUNIOR, GREAT COMFORT Experience a game full of versatility with the new Head Alph ...
    62,95€ 90,00€
  • ORYGEN CARBON EDITION JUNIOR The Orygen Carbon Edition junior padel racket is made for the beginner ...
    64,95€ 89,00€
  • BULLPADEL KATA LIGHT WOMAN JUNIOR The padel racket Kata Light Junior by Bullpadel it is for kids. T ...
    69,95€ 79,95€
  • BULLPADEL GOLD EDITION JUNIOR The Bullpadel Gold Junior padel racket is characterised by being a pe ...
    39,95€ 79,95€
  • PADEL RACKET STINGER JR 2.1 GILRS - CONTROL If you have any doubt yer, it is time to text us before ...
    58,95€ 71,00€
  • HEAD BELA KID For the kids who are starting in padel, the Head Bela Kid padel racket arrives. Signe ...
    41,90€ 65,00€


  • 44,90€PVP 99,00€
    55 %
  • Head Alpha Sanyo Junior - Perfect model to ensure that the little ones enjoy great comfort on the track, while increasing their level of play.
    62,95€PVP 90,00€
    30 %
  • Get now the new Siux Diablo Junior in blue colour and enjoy a game of control in all your matches. Ideal for junior players who are beginning.
  • Siux Black Carbon Junior | Padel racket for advanced young padel players. It has a truly elegant design.
  • Orygen Carbon Edition Junior | An excellent quality padel racket that is completely made of carbon and with an elegant design.
    64,95€PVP 89,00€
    27 %
  • Siux Pegasus Junior | It was created so that children have a lot of comfort on the padel court.
  • Nox Ml10 Pro Cup Ultra Light Silver Junior | This padel racket will like girls a lot, since it has a beautiful design and because it is very comfortable.
  • NOX ML10 PRO CUP ULTRA LIGHT JUNIOR. A racquet designed to guarantee the best perks. With a 100% carbon frame and rounded shape to guarantee control and potency. Padel Nuestro.
  • Varlion Lw Junior with aesthetic defect - This padel racket has been created for boys and girls at a beginner level who seek control.
  • Varlion Avant Junior | Transform your little kids in professional players with the new Varlion for kids. An initiation racket designed for the children's learning phase.
    39,95€PVP 85,00€
    53 %
  • Varlion LW Junior | Made with high quality materials, was made with fibreglass in the frame and faces. This padel racket was created for children to enjoy padel.
    39,95€PVP 85,00€
    53 %
  • HEAD DELTA BELA JUNIOR - It was created so that children have a lot of comfort when playing, this padel racket stands out for being durable.
    53,23€PVP 85,00€
    37 %
  • Bullpadel Kata Light Woman Junior | Junior Padel Racket which is very comfortable. Ideal for girls. It is of excellent quality.
    69,95€PVP 79,95€
    13 %
  • Bullpadel Gold Edition Junior | High quality padel racket with perfect balance for junior players. It is characterised by its amazing design and its wide sweet point.
    39,95€PVP 79,95€
    50 %
  • Softee Golden Junior | Light and comfortable padel racket for children who begin in padel. It has round shape.
    39,95€PVP 79,00€
    49 %
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