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    Eme Titanium Extreme Pro 2016 | Padel racket thought for high level players with which you can achiever greater power and efficiency.

    EME Titanium Extreme Pro 2016

    Racket Presentation

    Eme Titanium Extreme Pro. High quality padel racker in black and yellow, designed for advaced padel players who look for control in their strokes. It has rounded shape and is made of 100% extreme carbon and EVA Soft High Memory for the core. It is reinforced with titanium and anti-impact protector.

    Type of player

    Padel racket designed to satisfy the advanced players who look for the best efficiency of a padel racket in every single stroke. But also a padel racket that we can recommend to intermediate players who need a padel racket to improve their game.

    Technical characteristics

    It is made of rounded shape, it has a profile of 38 mm. Its weight is set around 365 grammes.

    As manufacturing materials, carbon fiber has been used and glass fiber and Soft EVA too.

    Its best innovations is the control of weight. By means of some slots, we are going to modify the padel racket weight balance, including weight through the nylon protector.

    It includes some titanium pieces on the frame, thanks to this piece, we can achieve a rigid padel racket.

    The core of the bat is also original and innovative. Its shape will help to absorb the vibration produced when we hit the ball.

    Design and colours

    It is one of the best padel rackets of the market, regarding design. In black, yellow and carbon. It is a padel racket which leaves you amazed.

    Racket Summary

    Eme Titanium Extreme Pro, innovative padel racket with exceptional quality. It has been designed to achieve the greatest game experience. It is an exception padel racket in every point, a surprising padel racket.

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