Eme came to the padel world in 2008. After 30 years of trayectory, one of the main padel players in the world, Pablo Rovalentti, founded the brand Eme. Thanks to his experience and to the design of his own padel rackets, Pablo achieved to create some innovative padel rackets, which are set as models in the padel world.

One of its main characteristics,as a brand, which makes it different is its original throat. Apart form being suprising because of its aesthetics, it has an amazing functionality. It has a core designed to absorb the vibrations, getting to avoid them almost completely when the ball is hitted.

It has also innovated the type of materials used during the manufacturing processes. For instances, titanium or aluminium layers are used. With this idea, more stable and strong padel rackets are achieved, as well as with better control and touch.


  • EME EXTREME POWER LTD GREEN The new Eme Extreme Power LTD Green is a model for advanced or professi ...
    89,95€ 350,00€
  • EME EXTREME CONTROL LTD Eme Extreme Control LTD is a new padel racket with an elegant and striking ...
    99,00€ 350,00€
  • EME Titanium Extreme Pro 2016 Racket Presentation Eme Titanium Extreme Pro. High quality padel rac ...
    89,95€ 249,00€
  • EME TITANIUM BLACK 3 Racket Presentation Eme Titanium Black 3. Padel racket designed to favour the ...
    69,00€ 247,50€
  • EME TITANIUM EXTREME POWER PRO 2016 Racket Presentation Eme Titanium Extreme Power. High propertie ...
    79,00€ 189,00€
  • EME HYBRID CONTROL LT Eme Hybrid Control LT 2018 is a completely renewed version with innovative ch ...
    79,95€ 164,50€
  • EME HYBRID CONTROL LIGHT ESP17 017413 The 2017 Hybrid Control Light is an improved version of the 2 ...
    99,95€ 152,94€
  • EME HYBRID CONTROL WHITE ESP 17 017412 The Eme Hybrid Control Blanco 2017 in an improved version of ...
    89,95€ 152,94€
  • EME TITANIUM GREY The Titanium Grey presents innovative design and matches perfectly power with con ...
    59,95€ 139,95€
  • EME MOVE ENJOY 2016 A padel racket of a round shape, it is intended for beginners who have just sta ...
    34,95€ 69,95€


  • Eme Extreme Power LTD Green - Try this new Eme potency racket, designed to provide incredible output in each ball hit. Get it at the best price on your online padel store.
    89,95€PVP 350,00€
    74 %
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  • Eme Extreme Power LTD Orange | We already have here the new potency Eme in black and orange colour, a racket composed of carbon on its exterior to facilitate potency and increase the racket's resistance and durability.
    109,00€PVP 350,00€
    69 %
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  • Eme Extreme Control Ltd | Feel the maximum control in your game with this fabulous racket of Eme's new collection. A racket with high benefits for high-level demanding players.
    99,00€PVP 350,00€
    72 %
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  • Eme extreme power pro black orange | great quality and potency eme racket, also very durable thanks to its great quality market compounds.
  • Eme Titanium Extreme Pro 2016 | Padel racket thought for high level players with which you can achiever greater power and efficiency.
  • EME TITANIUM BLACK 3 | Padel racket which favours the advanced padel players who look for the best power and control.
    69,00€PVP 247,50€
    72 %
  • Eme Comfort Challenger | Get now the new Eme's WPT racket. A polyvalent racket with outstanding potency on the game field. Made of high-quality materials and revolutionary technologies at an extraordinary price.
    69,95€PVP 235,00€
    70 %
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  • Eme Comfort Control 2018 - This excellent quality racket is very easy to handle thanks to the amazing lightness and comfort it provides.
    69,95€PVP 235,00€
    70 %
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  • EME Extreme Control 2018 - This Eme padel racket will be your best ally on the padel court thanks to its excellent benefits and characteristics that'll make you stand out.
    115,00€PVP 235,00€
    51 %
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  • EME TITANIUM EXTREME POWER POR 2016 | High properties padel racket designed to achieve better efficiency
  • EME TITANIUM WHITE 3 | Padel racket designed for expert players who look for the greatest control and precision
    59,95€PVP 189,00€
    68 %
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  • Eme Hybrid Challenger WPT - Don't hesitate to get this high-quality padel racket, designed to give you the best benefits guaranteeing a great behaviour.
    89,95€PVP 189,00€
    52 %
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  • Eme Hybrid Control - The new Eme Hybrid Control arrives for the best paddle players to provide a perfect balance between control and power
    89,95€PVP 164,50€
    45 %
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  • EME Hybrid Control LT - Eme Hybrid Control LT 2018 is a completely renewed version with innovative changes in its technology and design
    79,95€PVP 164,50€
    51 %
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  • EME Hybrid Control Light 17 | EME padel racket with an excellent ball control thanks to its anti vibration system. A padel racket with an innovative design.
  • EME Hybrid Control white 17 | A high quality padel racket with an amazin relation between price and quality. The EME includes an anti torsion and anti vibration systems.
  • EME TITANIUM GREY | Padel racket with innovative design which matches power and control. It is made of the best materials.
    59,95€PVP 139,95€
    57 %
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  • EME MOVE ENJOY 2016 | Round padel racket in black and green colours, it is intended for players who have just started playing padel.
    34,95€PVP 69,95€
    50 %
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