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Eclypse is one of the brands of padel rackets that began in January 2014, thanks to a group of entrepreneurs who join forces to create a new brand in the world of padel. Despite having only a few years of existence in the world of padel, the Eclypse brand has grown into one of the first brands selected by players. In the Eclypse padel racket catalogue you will find those that are reliable, durable and efficient. In our online store you can find a wide variety of padel rackets, padel racket bags, sportswear and other accessories of this brand. Eclypse padel rackets are manufactured with the latest technology and high quality.

  • ECLYPSE LUNAR CARBON The Eclypse Lunar Carbon padel racket has exceptional performance, in control ...
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  • The Eclypse padel racket Lunar Carbon is an efficient padel racket, it is a polyvalent padel racket, it is very durable.
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  • Eclypse Lunar Fuchsia 2.0 | With an elegant cut, we receive the new Eclypse model for demanding players who need great balance on the court.
  • Eclypse Total 2.0 | You will love this padel racket, since it absorbs the vibrations very well, it will allow you to play padel with comfort.
  • Eclypse Lunar 2.0 | If youre looking for a racquet with great perks that allow you to perform at the maximum level, take a look at the new Eclypse model.
  • Eclypse Solar 2.0 | For the most fussy padel players we have this Eclypse padel racket. It is a durable potency padel racket.
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Discover in our catalogue the great and best Eclypse padel rackets as the Eclypse Lunar Carbon padel racket, one of the main stars within the range of Eclypse.


Discover the Eclypse padel racket that best suits your level of play and at the best guaranteed price you can find.