DABBER is supported by a long history of effort, innovation and progress. By the end of the 80's it started building its padel rackets models competing with international brands of great prestige, thought at first for the Argentinian market wheren it is set the enterprise. The succes achieved made the brand compete in the hard American market and later in the European one. The effort made a familiar enterprise the amazing brand which DABBER is nowadays.

  • DABBER CARBON 2016 Racket Presentation Dabber Carbon 2016, exclusive padel racket for the best pad ...
    119,95€ 350,00€
  • DABBER MAX D3 2016 Racket Presentation Dabber Max D3 2016, exclusive padel racket for the main pad ...
    99,00€ 350,00€
  • Dabber Max D3 2014 If we have to define the characteristics of the new Dabber MAX D3, we'd say it's ...
    79,95€ 329,00€
  • DABBER TUGA FOAM The Dabber Tuga Foam is for players of any level, thanks to its excellent performa ...
    79,95€ 249,00€
  • DABBER CARBON WITH AESTHETIC DEFECTS The new Dabber padel racket, Carbon 2016, is introduced with n ...
    69,95€ 249,00€
  • Dabber Rober 4 Limited Edition padel racket Dabber Rober 4 Rugosa is a padel racket destined for pr ...
    79,95€ 240,00€
  • DABBER SUR RUGOSA 2012 on PadelNuestro. The Dabber Sur Rugosa 2012 padel racket, created in Argenti ...
    79,95€ 240,00€
  • DABBER SUR BLACK SERIES 2013 is designed to offer players all the potency worthy of a HIGH-RANGE pad ...
    79,95€ 239,00€
  • DABBER TUGA WITH AESTHETIC DEFECTS This padel racket is thought for advanced players who look for s ...
    69,95€ 219,00€
  • DABBER SUR WITH AESTHETICS DEFECT The new model by the brand Dabber, the model Sur 2014 brings the ...
    69,95€ 199,00€
  • Dabber Sur Fem is a padel racket that especially stands out this season for its coarse surface. Than ...
    69,00€ 199,00€


  • The Dabber Carbon 2016 is a padel racket which is characterised by its great performance in every single point, both on control and on power.
    119,95€PVP 350,00€
    66 %
  • The Dabber Max D3 2016 is a padel racket which is going to guarantee the best efficiency in every single point.
    99,00€PVP 350,00€
    72 %
  • Dabber Max D3 2014 padel racket on our padel store is already available. The new Max D3 allows the player to gain more potency and control in a balanced way.
    79,95€PVP 329,00€
    76 %
  • Dabber Euphoria | A female light racket for the most demanding players with maximum control on the court. Created with a round mould .
  • Dabber Max D5 | Conceived for lovers of simplicity and elegance. Mixture of orange with golden details and black.
  • Dabber Conic | The padel racket is created with a fresh design in blue and black, provides a touch of sophistication and elegance to your matches.
  • Dabber Max D4 - Add to your hits the maximum security and balance to have advantages over your rival. It'll be one of your preferred rackets for its potency and quality.
  • Dabber Pampa DX2 - This racket will be an essential part of your equipment on the padel court due to its excellent manufacturing and lightness that'll make you stand out in each hit.
  • Dabber Rober Evo | The Daber Rober Evo control racket has a external structure is composed of fiberglass, both the faces and the frame.
  • Dabber Euphoria Dc6 | The padel racket offers a breakthrough design in black and pink, bringing a rebellious and original touch to your matches.
  • Dabber Prisma Dc6 | The padel racket is created in inverted tear drop shape, it has a medium balance and a profile of 38 millimetres. Manufactured with high quality materials.
  • Dabber Prisma - This racket stands out for its great potency on the court, plus its excellent control and perfect quality and price. Designed for professional players.
  • Dabber Tuga Foam | Get control and good power with this fabulous Dabber control racket. Designed in a round shape with tear tendency, ideal for powerful hits.
    79,95€PVP 249,00€
    68 %
  • New Dabber Carbon 2014 padel racket with structural improvements that make it much more functional, with more control and increased potency. With round shape.
    69,95€PVP 249,00€
    72 %
  • Dabber Rober 4 Limited Edition padel racket is made in carbon and POLYFOAM nucleus, the best for padel.
  • The Dabber Sur Rugosa padel racket has been used by Agustin Gomez Silingo, a spectacular punch.
    79,95€PVP 240,00€
    67 %
  • Buy the Dabber Sur Series 2013 padel racket - Profile: 38 mm - Surface: coarse - Geometry: diamond - Type of player: advanced. New nucleus.
    79,95€PVP 239,00€
    67 %
  • New Dabber Tuga 2014 with everything necessary to be a padel racket model. In Padelnuestro you can find it at the best price.
    69,95€PVP 219,00€
    68 %
  • Dabber Rober Platinum 2014 padel racket, a novelty for this season. Oval geometry that causes a great sweet point and making oriented towards having great potency.
    82,28€PVP 210,00€
    61 %
  • New padel racket Dabber Sur 2014 which is the main bet by the padel enterprise Dabber because of its power.
    69,95€PVP 199,00€
    65 %
  • This is a padel racket for advanced level players who demand a padel racket with better control... Experience unequalled control with Dabber Sur Fem 2014.
    69,00€PVP 199,00€
    65 %
  • Dabber Kratos padel racket, great control and potency in one single padel racket.
    69,95€PVP 180,00€
    61 %
  • 84,95€PVP 159,00€
    47 %
  • Dabber Vulkan 2014 already for sale on Padel Nuestro - Get the Dabber Vulkan most appropriate to your level on our web, directly to your home in 24/48h.
    69,90€PVP 159,00€
    56 %
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