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    The Bullpadel bat Pulse is a padel racket with the Bullpadel high quality, wrinkled face, spectacular design and performance.


    Racket Presentation

    The Bullpadel Pulse is a great performance padel racket on every point, it presents great rugosity on the surface to ease the effects. Exceptional behaviour in every point, regarding both defence and attack.

    Type of player

    It is oriented to an advanced or professional player who is look for an excellent padel racket because of its behaviour in every single point, a padel racket with power, great control and amazing design.

    Design and colours

    This padel racket surprises by its high quality and aesthetics, grey and yellow colours.The faces have been made wrinkled because it would help us to do better and more effective effects.

    It is signed by Pincho Fernandez.

    Analysis of its behaviour on court

    The first impression which we have when we see the padel racket is that it is very original and different, it is also wrinkled on both faces.

    From the baseline, it is an efficient padel racket and has very good rebound power, it is going to guarantee very good defense. In addition we can do lobs with great precision, it is a padel racket with which playing is easy.

    When we attack, it is still efficient, its rugosity allows us perform effect on our strokes when we hit the ball strongly.

    We believe that this padel racket is very good, efficient in every point and with amazing guarantees both from the baseline and next to the net.

    Racket Summary

    The Bullpadel Pulse is a padel racket with careful and different aesthetics, mainly a powerful padel racket but also it is good on control. One of the best padel rackets that we can find in the market.

    Rugositiy, power and Bullpadel quality.

    Other Bullpadel padel rackets

    Bullpadel Vertex is an original padel racket with spectacular design, it is a padel racket with great power and very good control, possibly, the best Bullpadel padel racket.

    *The gift items are subject to availability of stock. We reserve the right to change the gift items without a previous communication, when they are not available for other ones of the same or higher value. Further information


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