All Bullpadel padel shoes are available in our online shop These padel shoes are among the best in the market and are perfect for any surface and situation, because they give you the best grip in every movement. Bullpadel's catalogue of trainers’ shoes has many models that are truly perfect within padel competitions. Bullpadel padel shoes have come to market with a durability for lovers of this sport who choose this brand in order to show all its effectiveness on the court. Bullpadel trainers’ shoes are one of the best brands thanks to the fact that they are made with the best materials, because they seek the greatest comfort and durability.

  • BULLPADEL VERTEX 19 RED, NEW BULLPADEL COLLECTION Have arrived the new padel shoes of one of the be ...
    54,95€ 89,95€
  • BULLPADEL BEWER 19 FLUOR GREEN, THE NOVELTY OF BULLPADEL Have arrived one of the padel shoes that s ...
    46,00€ 69,95€


  • BULLPADEL HACK KNIT 2018 ORANGE | Get the new Bullpadel shoes, used by Paquito Navarro and Juan Tello. They will offer you the best benefits.
    49,98€PVP 99,80€
    50 %
  • Bullpadel Bewer 19 Red black orange | These padel shoes are manufactured with technical materials that favour the players agility and performance on the court.
    49,95€PVP 69,95€
    29 %
  • Bullpadel Hack Knit 19 Grey Green - Padel shoes for demanding players, made of materials to play with cushioning, stability and traction.
  • Bullpadel Hack Knit Black Orange 19 006 | These padel shoes will be your best allies on the padel court thanks that they allow more agility due to their construction with light materials.
  • Bullpadel Hack Knit 19 Green Blue - This model incorporates a high-density rubber sole that offers you maximum grip on the court plus great protection.
    59,95€PVP 94,95€
    37 %
  • Bullpadel Vertex 19 Red - Padel shoes made for the most demanding players who seek cushioning, stability and traction on the courts surface.
    54,95€PVP 89,95€
    39 %
  • Bullpadel Vertex 19I black orange -The padel shoes choosen by the best padel player in the world.
  • Bullpadel Vertex 19 Turquoise | These padel shoes are designed to provide total movement freedom thanks to their technologies thatll keep your steps safe.
  • Bullpadel Bewer 19 Fluor Green - We introduce you the new padel shoes for the most demanding players. Cushioning, stability and traction.
  • BULLPADEL BITOR BLACK WOMEN | The new shoes for female padel players who are looking for comfort and cushioning.
    29,90€PVP 69,50€
    57 %
  • 21,95€PVP 52,00€
    58 %
  • Bullpadel Baser 19 Navy Blue - Padel shoes for those who seek quality and maximum output. Play padel comfortable and with explosivity.
    34,95€PVP 39,95€
    13 %
  • 32,95€PVP 80,00€
    59 %
  • BULLPADEL BITOR RED - Get the new padel shoes with best cushioning and enjoy the game with best stability. Now available at the best price.
    29,90€PVP 69,50€
    57 %
  • Bullpadel Betax Light Blue Women - Get now these new Bullpadel padel shoes, ideal to play padel with maximum comfort and shock absorption.
    19,95€PVP 53,00€
    62 %
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Bullpadel trainers’ shoes are one of the best brands thanks to the fact that they are made with the best materials, because they seek the greatest comfort and durability.

In the catalogue of Bullpadel trainers’ shoes can highlight models such as Bullpadel Bonso or Bexer, two models that have been very successful all thanks to its gel composition and flexibility.

Remember that you can get your Padel by Bullpadel shoes at an incredible price and with the best discounts on our website,