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Babolat is a French company in Lyon, founded in 1875 by Pierre Babolat, which began with the manufacture of rackets strings. Later, he successfully made his first padel racket. In Padelnuestro, we know that having Babolat padel rackets in our catalogue is to offer you a high quality padel racket, which will bring you great experiences and prestige in the world of padel.

  • BABOLAT VIPER CARBON, STABILITY AND POWER This paddle is in a diamond format and has a 38 mm profil ...
    212,50€ 249,00€
  • BABOLAT DEFIANCE CARBON You still don't know the new Babolat version? A racquet for demanding playe ...
    129,00€ 239,00€
  • BABOLAT DEFIANCE CARBON, STRENGTH AND DURABILITY This paddle provides greater control and precision ...
    203,15€ 239,00€
  • BABOLAT REVENGE CARBON Buy now the Babolat Revenge Carbon and enjoy your padel games thanks to its ...
    155,00€ 239,00€
  • BABOLAT VIPER LITE A padel racquet to perform a potency games. Principally made for intermediate&nb ...
    102,90€ 179,00€
  • BABOLAT VIPER, A POWER SHOVEL Introducing the new Babolat Viper, a perfect power shovel for playe ...
    152,15€ 179,00€
  • BABOLAT VIPER JUNIOR The Babolat Viper Junior racket has a tear-shaped head and a medium balance so ...
    39,00€ 65,00€
  • BABOLAT VIPER JUNIOR, STRENGTH AND DURABILITY It offers a medium balance, a 38 mm profile and weigh ...
    57,50€ 64,00€


  • Babolat Viper Carbon | For the most fussy players, we introduce you this Babolat model. It is for advanced level players.
    149,90€PVP 249,00€
    40 %
  • Babolat Viper Carbon - Be outstanding from the crowd with this superb power padel racket, built with Full Carbon technology that maximizes power and provides great handling.
    212,50€PVP 249,00€
    15 %
  • Babolat Defiance Carbon | If youre looking for a new racquet that gives you extra control and style on the court, take a look at this wonderful Babolat.
    129,00€PVP 239,00€
    46 %
  • Babolat Defiance Carbon - Keep the attention on the prize with the new Babolat paddle for professional paddleball players.
    203,15€PVP 239,00€
    15 %
  • Babolat Revenge Carbon | If you are thinking about changing your padel racket, you should read the benefits of this model.
    155,00€PVP 239,00€
    35 %
  • Babolat Viper Lite | This padel racket is characterized by being very comfortable, has a very original design.
    102,90€PVP 179,00€
    43 %
  • Babolat Viper - Be outstanding from the crowd with this great Babolat power padel racket, designed for players with a more advanced level of play.
    152,15€PVP 179,00€
    15 %
  • Babolat Revenge Lite | If youre looking for a racquet to grow as a player and that lets you carry out different game styles, this is your racquet.
    89,95€PVP 149,00€
    40 %
  • Babolat Defiance Lite | If you need a racquet to feel comfortable and helps you improve as a player, think about Babolat.
    62,95€PVP 119,00€
    47 %
  • Babolat Defiance - Babolat padel racket designed for intermediate players offers great ball output and guarantees resistance and durability.
    101,15€PVP 118,95€
    15 %
  • Babolat Reveal | For newcomers or intermedium padel players, It is a high quality woman padel racket.
    49,90€PVP 79,00€
    37 %
  • Babolat Contact | Its one of those racquets to feel really comfortable in the court, to grow and reach your best level.
    69,95€PVP 79,00€
    11 %
  • Babolat Contact - This padel racket incorporates quality materials such as carbon for strength and durability.
    69,95€PVP 79,00€
    11 %
  • Babolat Reveal - A charming womens padel racket, which stands out for its beautiful color combination, was created for the comfort of the players.
    69,95€PVP 79,00€
    11 %
  • Babolat Viper Junior - This model is designed for children who are less than 12 years old and are looking for a manageable racket.
    39,00€PVP 65,00€
    40 %
  • Babolat Viper Jr - Junior padel racket made of high strength materials that ensure great power and control during play.
    57,50€PVP 64,00€
    10 %
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