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    The Black Crown Ice 2015 is a padel racket which is characterised by its amazing design with carbon on both faces. Place an order now.

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    Racket Presentation

    Black Crown Ice 2015 power padel racket with an amazing design, it is a padel racket designed to guarantee power over the ball. It is also a good padel racket regarding control. It is one of the best padel rackets of the market because of its relation between quality and price, a spectacular padel racket in every sense.

    Type of player

    It has been designed to satisfy the advanced player or the professional one who needs a padel racket with which he can hit hard the ball, a type of player who wins many points next to the net and needs a powerful padel racket with which throw far the ball.

    Technical Characteristics

    It is a padel racket with shape of diamond, a profile of 38 millimetres and a weight around 350 and 370 grammes. For its frame manufacturing, double tubular of carbon has been used, for its faces, glass and carbon fibers have been introduced, the core has been made of EVA rubber.

    As every Black Crown padel racket, Ice 2015 has been made of a selection of the best materials of the market, thanks to this selection, we have a padel racket which does not have great changes after long time and usage, it keeps its own efficiency through time, a very important aspect, above all, for intensive players who play several matches a week.

    Design and colours

    It is a spectacularly designed padel racket in blue, black and carbon. It is characterised by its superior throat, a very original and striking shape. It is clearly one of the padel rackets with best careful aethetics and best designed in 2015. Amazing padel racket.

    Test on court

    This padel racket has been designed and made for players who look for the best power without losing control.

    The first strokes we do against the glass and after a quiet warm-up exercise, this padel racket has a power which has not been shown yet. The first impressions when having it in our hands is that it is not very agile and easy to drive, performing defensive strokes, we see how this padel racket joins some qualities and excellent defensive properties, being able to hit the ball effortlessly.

    When we do some volleys we see how its sweet point along with its power give us great effectivity, with great power and much more weight on the bball. In attack, we see how the padel power comes out amazingly, with less effort.

    In shorts, we ahve on the court a great padel racket for 2015, with amazing power and without losing of control, wide sweet point and great balance, easily drivable. My mark at the end of the test on court is 9,5 out of 10.

    Racket Summary

    The Black Crown Ice 2015 is one of the best padel rackets presented in 2015, it was characterised by its power over the ball, its high quality and its amazing aesthetics. It will become a model because of its great strokes and aesthetics.

    Other Black Crown Padel Rackets

    Black Crown Cobra 2015 is a padel racket with great control, a padel racket with great design and the whole Black Crown Quality. If we look for a padel rackeet which provides control over the ball, Cobra is one to take into account, by its aesthetics, quality and relation between quality and price.

    Check out the best range of Black Crown padel rackets and choose the one best fits to your likes and your game.


    *The gift items are subject to availability of stock. We reserve the right to change the gift items without a previous communication, when they are not available for other ones of the same or higher value. Further information

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